Noteworthy Beer Figures Preach the Gospel in Las Vegas

Nightclub and Bar Association Trade Show and Convention

Every year in March, nightclub owners, operators, bartenders and industry professionals converge on Las Vegas for America's biggest and most important bar, nightclub and beverage event.

More than 28,000 attend The Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show from around the world for its education, exhibit hall and nightly networking events.

The Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show
March 7-9, 2011 * Las Vegas Convention Center

Over the recent years, BEER has become an unavoidable headline topic at this event. In fact, the craft beer movement has made such an impact that you will find the seminars led by prominent beer spokesmen such as:

Paul Gatza
Director of the Brewers Association






Adam Lambert
Vice President Sales of Dogfish Head Brewing







Greg Owsley
Marketing & Brand Director of New Belgium Brewery









George F. Reisch
Brewmaster and Director of Brewmaster Outreach of AB-Inbev








Stephen Beaumont
Notable Beer Journalist, Author and Beer Connoisseur contributor








Some of the topics discussed this year are:

Draft Beer-Back to the Future
George F. Reisch, Brewmaster and Director of Brewmaster Outreach, Anheuser-Busch, Inc.
3:30pm - 4:20pm
A glass of draft beer is the final “tank of beer” in a brewing love story that starts with the brewhouse mash tank and brew kettle, thru the fermenter, aging tank, and into the keg. Fifth generation Brewmaster George Reisch will extend the brewing process to your taps and glassware and provide key points to take back to your business to drive draft beer quality back to the Golden Age of Draft Beer!

Make Your Beer Menu Count
Stephen Beaumont, Beer Writer, Author and Drinks Consultant; Lew Bryson, Managing Editor, Malt Advocate Magazine, Author and Writer, Nightclub & Bar, Ale Street News and Massachusetts Beverage Business
3:00pm - 3:50pm
Stephen Beaumont and Lew Bryson have spent decades studying and analyzing beer menus and know how to make yours count!  In this informative and entertaining seminar, they’ll share their strategies on how to best communicate your beer selection, how to most effectively categorize your ales and lagers, how food and beer pairings can stimulate sales and the pitfalls inherent in running a modern beer program. Attend this program and get your beer menu and profits into the twenty-first century!

Grow Your Profits with Craft Beer
Moderator: Paul Gatza, Director, Brewers Association
Panelist: Adam Lambert, Vice President of Sales, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery; Greg Owsley, Marketing & Brand Director, New Belgium Brewery; Kelley Jones, Managing Partner, Todd English P.U.B. and Co-Founder, Trust3 Hospitality and Tom Fox, Partner, CM Profit Group
1:00pm - 1:50pm
Craft beer is red hot in restaurants, taverns and nightclubs… Are you getting your share? Beer drinkers are seeking out local, regional and national craft beers. Are you responding by adding great choices and keeping your “beer appeal” peaked? In this program, a panel of experts will teach the most profitable way to incorporate greater craft choice in your lineup and how operators can work with brewers and distributors to generate sales. The presentation will also include a regional look at the “Who’s Next” of emerging craft breweries.
Today’s Wine Cocktails....Not Your

If you can make it out, and we recoomend you do, then look for The Beer Connoisseur® Magazine this year as we continue to support all things good for beer.