The Beer Expert App Features 300,000+ Beers

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The world of beer continues to evolve and, thanks to technology, it’s spinning faster on its axis.

Let’s look at smart phone applications, popularly referred to as “apps,” for instance. There are numerous apps that are embracing the growing interest in ales and lagers, such as Tap Hunter, designed to locate the nearest pubs and eateries that serve craft brews; Beer Match, which pairs food with 31 styles of beer; and the iBeer app that fills the phone’s screen with a simulated beer and empties when tilted in a drinking motion. Some may not be as practical as others, but they all mean to please the beer enthusiast.

However, Matt Simpson, a nationally renowned beer expert, consultant, writer and founder of the Beer Sommelier, took the app movement very seriously. Simpson joined forces with , one of the world’s leading beer Web sites, and recently released The Beer Expert app, which he says dwarfs all other existing apps for beer information.

By working with the resources and database of, which Simpson regularly contributes to, the app can provide immediate information on more than 300,000 ales and lagers. Other apps top out at about 3,000 entries.

“The Beer Expert concentrates on one thing and one thing only: giving the user all the information they'll need about any beer in our database,” Simpson explains. “It’s powered by, the most extensive beer community on the planet with over 100,000 members' input spanning 10 years.”

The features of The Beer Expert are basic and straight to the point. The user has the option of taking a photo of the beer’s UPC code, typing in its name, or speaking the name into the phone, and then The Beer Expert provides the beer’s commercial description, style, alcohol content and user reviews.

The Expert also gives the option for users to give the beer they select a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” rating, which is monitored by developers.

“We don't have any interactive input features to dilute or encumber the purpose of The Beer Expert... its simplicity is its beauty,” Simpson adds.

With the burgeoning popularity of craft brewing, The Beer Expert app is likely to receive thousands of “thumbs up” from users globally.

The Beer Expert is available at the Android Store and should be iPhone-ready soon.

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