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2018 Beer Lover's Holiday Gift Guide

As the seasons change, so too does the craft beer world’s release calendar, which means a rush of seasonal favorites, spiced beers and holiday ales of all stripes.

While the idea of different beers to imbibe is, of course, the most important aspect of the change in weather and temperature, the shift from late summer to fall to early winter is one that also serves as a harbinger for the holidays as well as the difficult task of giving gifts to the craft beer fans in your life.

While obtaining hard-to-find limited-release beers is always a tried-and-true technique to win over any craft beer-obsessed friend or family member in your life, there are also a plethora of craft beer-adjacent and breweriana-themed gifts that would make any beer connoisseur blush with holiday cheer (although those red cheeks could also be due to a few tipples).

Read on and delve into our 2018 Beer Lover's Holiday Gift Guide for craft beer enthusiasts and see if there’s anything that would make the craft beer fanatic in your life thank his lucky stars that Santa stopped by with a beauteous beer bounty to enjoy.

Gose: Brewing a Classic German Beer for the Modern Era Book

No holiday gift guide would be complete without a book, as they make for terrific gifts year-round. This juicy tome from Brewers Publications, the publishing imprint of the Brewers Association, is by Anderson Valley Brewing Co. Brewmaster Fal Allen and covers the fascinating backstory and scintillating brewing techniques behind the Gose style.

Once a niche style only brewed in limited quantities in Germany, this Gose style has exploded in popularity in America and beyond as the world becomes more interested in sour beers.

Gose beers are noted for their mild tartness as well as the subtle tang of minor salinity throughout. Allen, an expert in the style after concocting multiple well-received Gose recipes, such as The Kimmie, The Yink and The Holy Gose and its variations such as Blood Orange Gose and Briney Melon Gose, capably narrates the history and future of this tart, sweet, low-ABV style that shows no signs of slowing down in its popularity.

Available here from Brewers Publications and also on Amazon.


With craft beer reaching an all-time zenith in popularity, homebrewing is also an increasingly popular activity for the craft beer-obsessed person in your life.

While homebrewing has been a favorite of hands-on beer fans since its legalization in 1978, it has always been a rather labor-intensive process that involves many different tools, containers, carboys and a supreme focus on sanitization.

BEERMKR, which recently crushed its Kickstarter goals, aims to bypass all that work by creating an all-in-one homebrewing system that is housed in a sleek box that somehow manages to fit on your countertop. As the Kickstarter page entails: “BEERMKR handles both brewing AND fermentation and is 100% open, allowing you to customize recipes directly on the machine. BEERMKR is the world's only fully-contained beer brewery that sits on your counter, giving you all the tools of the best brewers and all the fun of making delicious beer—without the mess and complexity of traditional homebrewing.”

That sounds good to me.

BEERMKR is available for preorder here

The Beer Connoisseur Premium Subscription + Annual Print Edition

Of course, what good beer lover's holiday gift guide would be complete without a little self-promotion? Since you are reading this, you are likely already a subscriber to The Beer Connoisseur. However, why not help out your beer-loving friends and family members with a gift subscription to our fine publication?

Also, now is an excellent time to nab a subscription to The Beer Connoisseur magazine since we’ve launched a brand new Annual Print Edition, which serves as an omnibus, coffee table-worthy edition that wraps up The Beer in Review while also looking ahead to the year ahead when it comes to beer.

BC Premium Subscriptions, which also include access to the new annual print edition, can be purchased here.

Duffy’s Craft IPA Beer Shampoo

The test of a true beer fan is whether or not they’re willing to literally bathe in the liquid they hold so dear. Now, beer fans can truly get clean in the delectable brews they enjoy to drink so much.

Duffy’s Brew is the original craft beer shampoo, and is brewed…(ahem, sorry) made with an actual IPA from a “premium small-batch brewer on the East Coast,” according to the creators.

It turns out, the ingredients used to make beer are also pretty darn good for taking care of your hair. According to the brewery: “shampoo made from craft beer is naturally rich in amino acids, and the hops, roasted barley and malt provide a restorative coat of vitamin B, proteins and minerals that protect each strand of hair while adding incredible body and volume. The hops and yeast also contain antiseptic properties that help treat scalp irritations and dandruff, and the maltose and sucrose used in the brewing process tighten hair cuticles for enhanced shine.”

In conclusion: Beer; it’s good for your mouth and your scalp!

Available on Duffy's website here and also on Amazon.

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