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Bell's Expands to New Mexico

Bell's Expands to New Mexico
Bell's Expands to New Mexico

Bell's makes another notch in its weathered leather belt of stateside distribution, adding New Mexico to the mix. For all the details, see the release below:

Bell’s beer will head to New Mexico in 2017; search for a distributor partner has begun

MARCH 17, 2017

COMSTOCK, MICHIGAN – Bell’s Brewery is proud to announce that it will head to New Mexico early this fall.

“Texas is a large market for us and adding a nearby state, made the most sense for us. We always want to make sure that we have enough beer for all of our existing customers before we add a new territory,” Bell’s CEO Laura Bell said.

Bell’s is in the process of wrapping up its official state launch in Texas with an event in Austin this week.

New Mexico will be the ninth new state Bell’s Brewery will add to its distribution footprint since 2016, making it the 32ndoverall. Bell’s entire portfolio, including year-round and seasonal beers, will be available in New Mexico when it launches there later this year.

“Our process will follow a similar timeline we have followed for our other new state launches,” Bell said.

“We will start with searching for the right distributor partner(s) who will help us maintain the quality and customer service that are central to who we are. Then, we will make sure we have our own staff living and working locally,” she said.

Additional details will be announced at bellsbeer.com as they become available. Fans are also encouraged to follow Bell’s social media for the latest updates on this upcoming expansion.

Applications for a Bell’s sales position based in New Mexico will be accepted on Bell’s website in the coming months as well.



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