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The Best Breweries of 2019


the beer connoisseur's first runner-up best breweries 2019



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First Runner-Up: Upland Brewing Co.

One World Class Beer & Two Exceptional Beers

Total Score: 285

Highest-scoring beers:

Juicy Harvest – 96

Bockness Monster – 95

Twain – 94

upland brewing co. top-scoring beers

Upland Brewing Co. of Bloomington, Indiana had a terrific year in this year’s Official Review.

Upland’s slate of world-class and exceptional beers was headlined by Juicy Harvest, a wet-hopped hazy IPA that scored a world-class rating of 96. This beer is part of the brewery’s Side Trail series, which reflects the brewery’s “constant pursuit of the craft,” according to Upland. “Each beer in the series is an innovative result of brewers experimenting with unusual recipes and flavors.”

Just missing a chance at the top spot on our list, Upland’s cleverly named Bockness Monster is sure to surprise imbibers with its powerhouse alcohol content (9.8 percent ABV) and wealth of malt aromas and flavors. Featuring label artwork inspired by its inspiration, the Loch Ness Monster, this behemoth will provide wave upon wave of sultry flavor thanks to its 13 months spent in bourbon barrels.

Well-known for its sour beer program, Upland produced three sours that scored a 94 in our Official Review. The one featured here is Twain, a fantastically unique combination of barrel-aged and non-barrel-aged sours mixed together with cider for a decidedly spritzy drinking experience.



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