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Birdsong Brewing Keeps It "Rill Rill"

Birdsong Brewing has announced the release of "Rill Rill", a lemon basil sour saison. For more details, see below:

Rill Rill              
Sour Saison with Lemon & Basil
ABV: 6.1%   
IBU: 10      

The song "Rill Rill" by Sleigh Bells is actually quite catchy once you listen to it a time or two. Might be because it samples from a Funkadelic tune, "Can You Get to That," which is catchy in its own right. But it was also named in the Top 10 Songs of 2010 by Billboard and it's been used in advertising campaigns and TV shows, so something's there. 

And just like the song, "Rill Rill" the beer is hard to shake once you've had a sip. With fresh lemon zest and some bruised basil leaves added for aromatics and flavor, this sour mash saison is a treat. Its light malt foundation of wheat and oats allow the bright citrus and herbal notes to shine through. Saison yeast adds a slight peppery oomph on the palate to balance out the tartness. Its beautiful sunshine color is reminiscent of natural lemonade and picnics on the grass. 

Hop in your car, grab your favorite friends and head on down to the tap room at 5p for the release of "Rill Rill." We'll be officially over the week's hump as of tomorrow, and there's really no better way to kickstart your weekend then with a yummy pint and some good folks.