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Birdsong Taps "Cruel Summer"

Birdsong has announced it will tap a new brew this week -- "Cruel Summer". For all the details, see their post below:

Cruel Summer
Barrel-Aged Blonde with honey & figs
ABV: 4.3%   
IBU: 15
Lately, we can't seem to get enough of these barrel-aged goodies! If you've been in the tap room recently, you may have noticed our stock of beers aging in various wine or liquor barrels, soaking up some goodness. We have a super special treat for you next week, but for right now let us focus on the present. 

With a balanced oaky character, hints of vanilla, and a mellow sweetness "Cruel Summer" is anything but brutal. Using Chardonnay barrels, we allowed our Belgian Blonde ale "Little Room" to pick up some slight wine notes before adding Cloister honey and fresh figs from Windcrest Farms out of Monroe. If you were a fan of the Weasels on Woodpeckers we released last week (still some available!), then you're sure to fall in love with this one. 

Also on THURSty THURSday you can learn more about how solar power can enhance your home at our educational session sponsored by the Renewable Energy Design Group at 5p. Can't make it that early? Join us at 7p to listen to some sweet jams by That Guy Smitty.