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Book Review Roundup: Books for a Summer Day

Summer Beer Books

The World Atlas of Beer

by Stephen Beaumont and Tim Webb

Covering beers from over 35 countries and hundreds of craft breweries, complete with tasting notes from over 500 international brews, this comprehensive guide is a must read for beer lovers.

Renowned beer writers Stephen Beaumont and Tim Webb start the tour with the nature of beer. Did you know hops have gender? And that male hops taste bad? They then delve into the origin of beer, how it’s made, stored, served and poured. They offer experienced insights into tasting and pairing the beers.

The writers take readers through the beer scenes of Belgium, Germany, Ontario, Mexico, California, the Rocky Mountains, and the Far East, among other locations, with scenic and informative images throughout. Wrapping up with beer festivals and emerging trends, this atlas is a bold journey into the vast, ever-evolving world of beer.

Beer Crafts: Making the Most of Your Cans, Bottle Caps, and Labels

by Shawn Gascoyne-Bowman

The idea to make art from craft beer bottles and caps was born when Shawn Gascoyne-Bowman’s eight-year-old daughter began making jewelry out of her parents’ beer bottle caps. When the young girl left a note on her mother’s desk saying, “My crafting involves you to open a beer,” Shawn liked the sentiment. She thought, ‘All crafting should involve me opening a beer.’ Thus, she opened a beer and got started on this book.

A pull-tab bracelet, string lights made from beer cans, a crocheted beer can purse, bottle cap cufflinks or a bottle cap garter – this book has it all. It will teach you everything needed to know about crafting with beer. With easy to follow instructions and accompanying pictures, there is a craft project suitable for just about anyone. For any hardcore craft beer fans who want to take their appreciation to the next level, this book provides a path.

Cheese & Beer

by Janet Fletcher

The increasing popularity of craft beer has led us all to ponder what might pair well with our favorite microbrews. Cheese aficionado Janet Fletcher has answered that question for us in this straightforward guide.

Cheese & Beer outlines the popular styles of beer and the types of artisan cheese that complement them. Each beer entry includes style notes, different brands of the style to try, cheese affinities, cheeses to try, and more cheeses to try. Fletcher also gives tips on how to buy, serve and store both cheese and beer. But most importantly, she equips her readers with the basic knowledge of both, enabling them to learn and form their own opinions.

Whether you’re a beer lover or a cheese enthusiast, this book brings the two age-old pleasures into tasteful harmony.

Fresh From Maine, 2nd Edition: Recipes and Stories from the State’s Best Chefs

by Michael S. Sanders

This 2nd edition of Fresh From Maine provides a look into the world of 25 chefs “from Fryeburg to Hallowell, from Bangor to Brunswick and coastal Maine from Kittery to Mount Desert.” Michael Sanders delves into the secrets, triumphs, stories and challenges behind each chef. Though they bring a great variety of recipes and techniques, all of these chefs have one thing in common: they work with local farmers, animal raisers, and fishermen to bring the best, all-natural food to their craft. Russell French’s photography brings over 80 recipes to life along with the land of the bountiful state of Maine in this culinary hardback.