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Brew4U Brewing Co. Debuts Craftie Hard Seltzer

Brew4U Brewing Co. Debuts Craftie Hard Seltzer

Brew4U Brewing Co. in San Carlos, California has announced the release of a low-calorie, gluten-free hard seltzer called Craftie. More detail from the brewery are below.

SAN CARLOS, Calif. – Hard seltzers remarkably outsold traditional craft beer products over the past year. Because of the large market share taken by these beverages, brewers and brew masters must create new innovative products and compete with the big industry brands.

Popularity of hard seltzers proved not to change when data for the industry’s growth in 2019 surfaced. With 238% growth in dollar sales last year alone, projected volume of hard seltzers triple by 2023*.

A large portion of hard seltzer consumers converted from wine and spirits. Additionally, the younger population consistently asks for healthier variations of food and beverages, so logically, hard seltzers appealed to this sought-after demographic.

Since big beer and alcohol companies flood the market with versions of hard seltzers, smaller craft breweries keep up with consumer demands by taking their spin on the beverage.

After over 20 years of making award-winning craft beer and alternative beverages, Chris Garrett with Brew4U Brewing Company launches Craftie in San Carlos, California. He says, “I didn’t want to just make a hard seltzer like everyone else. With creativity and knowledge, I knew I could craft a more flavorful, health-conscious beverage with character.”

Garrett expanded on the concept of hard seltzers and flavored malt beverages and created a delicious, low-calorie, gluten-free, and 5.5% ABV bev called “Craftie – The Craft Malternative”.

The first version of Craftie takes on a mojito flavor – lime and mint with light rum notes. Mint accentuates the fresh lime and the rum aroma for a completely enjoyable beverage.

Black Cherry Craftie releases alongside Mojito. Compared to other black cherry flavored seltzers, Craftie offers an authentic fruity sweetness without typical black cherry medicinal aromas or artificial additives.

The primary ingredients of Craftie, fermented cane sugar with a touch of rice, make it the ultimate malternative beverage. Put it on ice or mix it with one of your old favorites.

Craftie releases first at the SF Beer Week Opening Gala on February 7. Attendees of the West Coast Craft Can Invitational located at Devil’s Canyon Brewing Company in San Carlos, California on February 15 will also get a taste of the beverage from the new 16oz cans.

On February 21, Craftie becomes available on draught in the Devil’s Canyon Brewing Company taproom. Be one of the first to try this revolutionary seltzered beverage and keep an eye out for more flavors to be released.

About Brew4U

Founded in 2001 by beverage industry veteran Chris Garrett, Brew4U Brewing Company operates out of the San Francisco Bay Area Peninsula.  Brew4U brews and cans Craftie – The Craft Malternative, Devil’s Canyon Brewing Company Beer and Root Beer, and craft beer, non-alcoholic beer, soda, water, and tea for over 30 other beverage companies. Learn more about Craftie at www.CraftieBrew.com.

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For More Information: www.craftiebrew.com/