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Cape May Brewing Company Releases Bough of Barley: A Holiday Seasonal Barleywine

Bough of Barley by Cape May Brewing Co.
Bough of Barley by Cape May Brewing Co.

Cape May Brewing Co. is pleased to announce their exclusive holiday offering, Boughs of Barley. This barleywine has been aged for several months in bourbon barrels, then bottle-conditioned prior to release. The perfect complement to any holiday gathering, Boughs of Barley was released on Black Friday, November 25th, from CMBC’s Brewtique inside the Cape May Airport.

“We wanted to do something special to ring in the holidays,” says CMBC co-owner and president Ryan Krill, “and the guys in the brewery really did a great job. Boughs of Barley is the perfect winter warmer for the holiday season.”

CMBC is no stranger to barrel-aging -- their highly-acclaimed Barrel Aged Series is setting the standard for barrel-aged, sour brews. Boughs of Barley is an 11% ABV barleywine that spent a few months aging in fresh Kentucky bourbon barrels.

“As our Barrel Aged Series takes off, we wanted to inject some more variety as to the kinds of barrels we use,” says Director of Brewing Operations Jimmy Valm. “So far, The Keel, The Skeg, and The Scupper have been aged in red wine barrels. Using bourbon barrels is not all that new in the craft beer world, but most bourbon barrel-aged beers are Imperial stouts with not too many barleywines, and bourbon barrel-aged beers have been few and far between in South Jersey.”

Barleywines age well in barrels as the higher alcohol content of the brew helps facilitate the extraction of the flavors from the wood. The oak and vanilla flavors imparted from the barrels complement the strong malt flavors in the barleywine. Fans can expect the classic toffee and nutty malt flavor of barleywine to dominate, with wisps of bourbon, vanilla, and oak notes coming through -- especially on the finish -- all topped off with a warm body.

“The original barleywine had a nice cocoa-y, toffee finish to begin with,” says Head Brewer Brian Hink, “and when paired with the vanillas and toasted oak character from the wood, it really made the complete package.”

All of those great flavors in Boughs of Barley will pair wonderfully with traditional holiday dishes, according to Valm. It will bring out the savory flavors in turkey and gravy or a juicy roast, as well as complementing your chocolate cake or crème brûlée. Furthermore, the large format bottle is perfect for gatherings -- Boughs of Barley will be a fantastic nightcap to enjoy with friends and family.

Boughs of Barley also makes a great gift. It’s a bottle-conditioned beer that will age well, so no worries about when you’re going to see that special someone to deliver their gift. The bottle will also look so beautiful under your tree, you may think twice about giving it away.

For more information, or for tastings and tours, visit www.capemaybrewery.com or call (609) 849-9933.