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Discover Mother Earth's Flavorful Seasonal Delight: Four Seasons Autumn '23 Release

Experience the rich flavors of Autumn with Mother Earth Brewing's latest creation, Four Seasons Autumn '23. Discover a blend of barrel-aged magic and southern cocktail-inspired aromas in this limited-edition stout.

Discover Mother Earth's Flavorful Seasonal Delight: Four Seasons Autumn '23 Release

Mother Earth Brewing's renowned Four Seasons series continues to amaze, consistently pushing the boundaries of flavor experimentation. Known for their seasonal pastry stouts, a pinnacle in the brewery's premium product line, they have now unveiled their latest gem for the Autumn season.

Keeping true to their legacy of innovation, the Autumn '23 edition stands as a testament to their dedication. This robust, barrel-aged brew incorporates adjuncts like aromatic bitters, lemon peel and star anise, emulating the essence of a classic southern cocktail (one that rhymes with "mazerak").

Four Seasons Autumn '23 perfectly balances the influence of barrel-aged spirit with the subtlety of oak and aromatic bitters. Inspired by the whiskey-based southern cocktail, the talented brewers at Mother Earth have carefully integrated hints of lemon peel and anise to echo the cocktail's lemon garnish and absinthe wash. The interplay of sweetness and bitters harmoniously complements the alcohol, allowing the anise and lemon peel to elevate the whiskey's nuances.

“In 2021 we released an Old Fashioned-flavored ale that went over really well," said Chris Baker, Director of Brewing Operations at Mother Earth. "With fall right around the corner, we thought it would be a good time to pay homage to another classic. Four Seasons is a great platform for experimentation. Fortunately we’ve been doing this long enough to ensure predictable results.”

To craft a rich and intricate flavor profile, a blend of carefully chosen toasted malts like Victory and Special B, alongside oats and Carapils for a fuller body, was employed. This full-bodied stout is a journey back in time, an homage to the original timeless cocktail, evoking a sense of nostalgia.

For aficionados eager to savor this limited-edition masterpiece, Four Seasons Autumn '23 is available in draft and 16oz cans, with the release slated for October. Enthusiasts are encouraged to swiftly locate this coveted offering through Mother Earth's beer finder at or by visiting one of Mother Earth's inviting taprooms. Act quickly, for this exceptional seasonal brew is sure to vanish from shelves in no time!