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From the Editor (Issue 67)


From the Editor (Issue 67)

Welcome back readers, to this, the Summer Issue (#67) of The Beer Connoisseur Magazine!

Just as the summer season is stuffed with good times, good food and good drink, so too is this issue bursting with tremendous articles covering a wide range of topics sure to tickle the fancies of beer drinkers worldwide.

This issue starts off with an intriguing piece about Lonkero (aka Finnish Long Drink), the extremely refreshing and citrusy Finland-based ready-to-drink cocktail that predates the hard seltzer and canned cocktail craze by about 70 years! This fascinating Finnish beverage is experiencing a resurgence, so grab a (long) drink and read all about it.

Celebrities have long looked to the world of food and drink to further their brand, and our Sips from Celebs story showcases a selection of 17 liquor and spirits brands that are either owned by or have partnered with notable celebrities, such as Bob Dylan, Matthew McConaughey, Metallica and more!

While white wine, hard seltzer and smooth cocktails abound during the summer months, beer is always a popular choice as temperatures heat up. Check out 12 Thirst-Quenching Beers for This Summer if you need some inspiration for poolside sipping.

Everyone likes a refreshing cocktail during the sultry summer months, so we have a story about The Art of Creating Delicious Ginger Beer Cocktails at Home that is sure to offer up some terrific tipples to imbibe while you're chilling by the pool, hosting a family barbecue, or simply hanging out with your friends outside.

A gin and tonic is perhaps the most popular cocktail in the world. But where and how did it start its journey into the popular consciousness? Our The Origins of Gin and Tonic and Nine Fun G&T Recipes for Summer article delves into that question as well provides a bevy of tasty G&T recipes for summertime sipping.

The world of law can be an inscrutable and jargon-filled mess to the outsider. That is even more true when it comes to Unveiling Quirky Alcohol Drinking Laws from Across the Globe. We've got a bevy of intriguing (and sometimes downright silly) laws from all over the world that are sure to make you question the jurisprudence of these decisions.

IBUs are the secret sauce that make some beer styles (IPAs, Pale Ales) the spectacular beverages that millions around the world adore. But just what does IBU mean? Sure, the answer is “international bitterness units,” but that doesn’t really mean anything to the layperson, does it? Our What’s the Meaning of IBU? story answers all the questions you may have about this beer-themed acronym and more!

Speaking of shedding light on important things related to beer, our Beer 101: The Fundamental Steps of Brewing story has been thoroughly updated and refreshed for today’s beer world, giving our readers a definitive and thorough article that will answer any and all questions they may have about the beer brewing process.

Of course, this issue wouldn’t be complete with a plethora of expert beer reviews, Brewer Q&As and industry news stories.

Beyond that, the issue wouldn’t be possible without you, dear reader. Thank you for joining us and HAGS (if you’ve forgotten your 4th grade yearbook quotes, that means “have a good summer”)!


Chris Guest
- Managing Editor

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