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Endo Brewing Co. Debuts Hard Seltzer

Endo Brewing Co. Debuts Hard Seltzer

Endo Brewing Co. in Lafayette, Colorado has announced the release of a new hard seltzer on draft. Full details are below from the brewery.

LAFAYETTE, Colo. — Endo Brewing Company will tap their first hard seltzer in their tasting room on Wednesday, January 22 at 3 p.m. The bike-themed brewery created the gluten-free, hard sparkling water so that all guests could enjoy well-rounded libations.

“Endo Brewing exists for the sole purpose of giving the cycle-riding weekend warriors, the beer enthusiasts, and our neighbors an amazing place to experience all things bicycle and beer. Nothing ruins that experience faster than having to exclude someone,” says Kevin Van Winkle, co-founder and head brewer at Endo Brewing.

Cheekily named I Roll, Endo Brewing first rolled their eyes at the thought of creating a hard seltzer and then decided to roll with it. Infused with copious amounts of berry and lime, I Roll Hard Seltzer is gluten-free, only 98 calories, and an approachable 4.4 percent ABV per glass—perfect for a refreshing post-ride quencher or if you want to wash down that extra slice of pizza guilt-free.

So ride into 2020 with more options; I Roll Lime and Berry Infused Hard Seltzer will be available at Endo Brewing’s tasting room starting on January 22.

“We’re not here to argue with you about your beverage choices; we’d rather put a pint in front of you and hear your laughable thoughts on owning that rigid fixie bike,” laughs Van Winkle.


Founded in 2017 by two guys with a passion for craft beer and bikes, Endo Brewing Company is a community-driven neighborhood brewery located in Lafayette, Colorado. Housed in a former five-bay auto repair shop, Endo Brewing has converted this unique space into a vibrant tasting room offering quality beer in a warm and friendly atmosphere and a state-of-the-art bicycle repair shop behind the bar. Enjoy a handcrafted beer in a relaxed setting while you get your bike tuned up. Find us online at endobrewing.com. Cheers!