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Funkwerks Releasing 2 New Beers This Month

Funkwerks, Inc., another dazzling jewel in Fort Collins, Colorado's craft beer crown, has announced the release of 2 new brews this month.

Roselle, a Hibiscus Saison brewed with spices, is releasing on Saturday, April 16. 

Tropic King Aged in Whiskey Barrels is a barrel-aged version of one of the brewery's most popular offerings, Tropic King, which is an imperial-strength Saison. Barrel-aged Tropic King is releasing on Saturday, April 23.

Here is the release from Funkwerks:

Named after a species of Hibiscus, Roselle was originally inspired by Valentine's Day when brewed once before in 2012. The addition of Hibiscus contributes a striking magenta color with a light pink hue in the head, and introduces a raspberry like flavor with slight floral and earthy notes.
Notes of lemon, berries and a hint of ginger. 
Pairs well with making up for Valentines day... you know what you did. 

Released: Saturday, April 16th.

Available at the brewery on draft and bottles to go!

We took a batch of Tropic King, one of our best selling beers and Saison's bigger brother, and put it into Whiskey barrels. The oak contributes to the tropical fruit flavors of Tropic King to produce a richer, more complex flavor profile.
Notes of passionfruit, mango, black pepper and a hint of whiskey. 

Released: Saturday, April 23rd.

Available at the brewery on draft and bottles to go!