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Golden Moon Distillery Releases Whiskey Made from Holidaily Brewing Gluten-Free Beer


Golden Moon Distillery Releases Whiskey Made from Holidaily Brewing Gluten-Free Beer

Golden Moon Distillery and Holidaily Brewing Co. in Golden, Colorado has announced a collaboration whiskey made from gluten-free beer. Full details are below.

GOLDEN, Colorado – Holidaily Brewing Company and Golden Moon Distillery teamed up to release a collaboration whiskey made from Holidaily Brewing Company’s certified gluten-free beer.

At the height of the pandemic in 2020, Holidaily Brewing Company saw a drop in taproom beer sales much like breweries across the country. Rather than dumping unsold beer, Holidaily Chief Operating Officer, Laura Ukowich, had the idea to reach out to a distillery down the road.

“It pained me to think about product going to waste that our team works so hard on,” said Ukowich. “I immediately thought of Golden Moon Distillery when we were discussing what to do with the beer. They’ve been great partners of ours in the past and we were thrilled to learn that they could utilize our beer to make something special!”

The idea spurred a Collaboration series for Golden Moon Distillery, using local beer to produce a line of hopped whiskies. The series will debut with Golden Moon Collaboration #1 Holidaily Blonde – Colorado Hopped Whiskey, made with Holidaily Brewing Company’s flagship beer, Favorite Blonde Ale.

“This series is a way to interact and collaborate with brewer friends here in our local community,” said Stephen Gould, Founder and Master Distiller of Golden Moon Distillery. “Working together on a product like this one is a win for everyone.”

Clocking in at 46% ABV, Golden Moon Collaboration #1 Holidaily Blonde – Colorado Hopped Whiskey is double-distilled and finished in American White Oak Casks. This malt-forward whiskey is great for making cocktails or sipping neat.

Starting the week of July 25th, find Golden Moon Collaboration #1 Holidaily Blonde – Colorado Hopped Whiskey bottles at the Golden Moon Distillery tasting room and at liquor stores throughout the Denver metro where Holidaily Brewing Company’s beer is also sold.

On August 5th from 5-7pm at the Holidaily Brewing Company Golden taproom, located at 801 Brickyard Circle, customers can sample and purchase bottles of Golden Moon Collaboration #1 Holidaily Blonde – Colorado Hopped Whiskey.

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