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Hi-Wire Brewing Unveils Separate Brand: Old North Premium Lager

Hi-Wire Brewing Unveils Separate Brand: Old North Premium Lager

Hi-Wire Brewing in Asheville, North Carolina has announced the launch of a new separate brand called Old North Premium Lager. More details regarding the new brand are below.

ASHEVILLE, N.C. — Old North Premium Lager reminisces on the roots of American beer while evoking the storied culture and rich history of North Carolinians. An embodiment of the everyman, Old North seeks to be the go-to beer for the surfers and the thru-hikers, the foodies and the cookout kings and queens. Launching in January 2020, Old North Premium Lager weaves a narrative of nostalgia and familiarity to tell the authentic stories, both ancient and current, of its North Carolina neighbors. Available in six-packs of 12-ounce cans, twelve-packs of 12-ounce cans, 16-ounce single cans, and on draft, it will quickly become a new “Old” favorite.

Old North is the brainchild of Hi-Wire Brewing co-owner, Chris Frosaker, who has been dreaming of its inception for the past two years, and after embarking on a brewery expansion in Fall 2019, he decided it was the appropriate time to set forth on making Old North a reality. Frosaker noted, “When the MillerCoors brewery in Eden, North Carolina, closed in 2017, we realized there was no longer an approachable, well-priced, premium lager being brewed on a large scale in North Carolina. Two of Hi-Wire’s values as a company are approachability and community. Combining those missions with our staff’s love of light lagers and this new hole int he market, we decided to go down this ambitious path of creating Old North.”

While Old North exists as something separate from Hi-Wire Brewing, its roots are very much one and the same. Quality lagers are the name of the game and the foundation on which both brands were created. ​Brewed with 100% barley, the finest hops and grains and crafted in the tradition of a classic American Lager, Old North uses only the purest of North Carolina mountain water and quality ingredients. ​At the beginning of an adventure and the end of a long workday when you’re reaching for something refreshing, Old North offers the comfort of an American classic while being exceptionally local. Regional Sales Director, Chris McLain, explained, “​Old North is here to pick up the mantle of the beer that drinks like a typical domestic but is brewed close to home. It’s not a craft beer. It’s a beer for drinking. It’s a beer we can all grab and cheer,‘​Hurrah! Hurrah! To the good Old North State!​’”

Spanning from the Great Smoky Mountains to the Outer Banks, the Old North brand is an homage to you. The red, white, blue, and gold branding of Old North, embodies the heritage of North Carolinian culture and evokes feelings of a timeless American lager while also visually speaking to the modern-day beer drinker. Creative Director for Hi-Wire Brewing, Javier Bolea,“wanted to make a can that held an emotional connection to all North Carolinians. Something that they are proud to drink whether it is at a dive bar at two in the morning or at your grandma’s house for Sunday dinner.” ​Made by North Carolina for North Carolina, we cannot wait to finally hear bar patrons say, “Gimme an Oldie!”

About Old North Premium Lager

Founded in 2019, Old North Premium Lager is a new brand of beer brewed in Asheville, NorthCarolina, as a division of Hi-Wire Brewing, a craft brewery known for producing approachable and balanced lagers and ales. Old North Premium Lager can be found on draft and in cans across North Carolina beginning in January 2020.

To learn more about the company, please visit ​oldnorthbeer.com. To connect with Old North on Instagram, please visit ​@oldnorthbeer To connect with Old North on Facebook, please visit ​facebook.com/oldnorthbeer To connect with Old North on Twitter, please visit ​@oldnorthbeer