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Karrikin Spirits Company Launches Mixed 12-Packs of Sparkling Spirits

Karrikin Spirits Company Launches Mixed 12-Packs of Sparkling Spirits

Karrikin Spirits in Cincinnati, Ohio has announced the release of mixed 12-packs of its Sparkling Spirits. Full details are below from the company.

CINCINNATI — In a world where boozy bubbles with the essence of fruit are bountiful and being consumed more and more each day, a local craft distillery with a focus on calorie conscious, fruit forward flavor is set to release a mixed 12-pack of its gluten free spirits-based products. Karrikin Spirits Company, in Fairfax, is set to release its first 12-pack, featuring four of its core beverages.

The sparkling spirits, which are hand-crafted with fresh fruit juice — then infused with spirits like rum, gin, vodka, and agave (tequila) have grown in popularity with more and more people buying their favorite alcoholic beverages for at-home consumption.

What is included in the mixed 12-pack?

Keylime: Fresh lemon and lime juices are infused with Blaze agave spirit to create a “margarita lite” as many have lovingly come to call it. 157 calories. 4.75% ABV.

Blueberry: Fresh blueberries, lemon, and just a hint of lavender come together to build this sparkling spirit like your favorite Base vodka cocktail. 128 calories. 4.75% ABV.

Citrus Tonic: Your favorite gin and tonic just got a whole lot lighter! Infused with Emerge gin, this fresh lime juice with housemade tonic is crisp and refreshing. 144 calories. 4.75% ABV.

Punch: Award-winning Shuga rum is infused into this fresh pineapple, passionfruit, guava, and pomegranate juice blend to create a tropical getaway in your mind. 113 calories. 4.75% ABV.

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