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Pontoon Brewing Announces Newly Designed Year-Round Lineup


Pontoon Brewing Announces Newly Designed Year-Round Lineup

Pontoon Brewing in Sandy Springs, Georgia has announced its newly designed core lineup debuting in late 2021 and early 2022. Full details are below.

Pontoon Brewing, the first brewery in Sandy Springs, GA, is introducing their newly designed core lineup. New Wave Premium Ale, a crisp Blonde Ale, Crushing Waves Georgia Weisse, a cherry and pineapple Berliner Weisse, and One Ski IPA, an unfiltered, American IPA will make up the brewery’s year-round lineup.

As the brewery approaches its fourth anniversary and begins construction on a new production facility, co-owners Sean O’Keefe and Marcus Powers felt passionate about creating a fresh look for their most popular brews.

“We really wanted designs that match the future of Pontoon Brewing,” said Sean O’Keefe, co-owner and CEO. “We’ve been tweaking and upgrading our core lineup since our opening in 2018 and we wanted a more polished and cohesive look for our three favorites as we continue to grow and mature as a brewery. We believe the new artwork perfectly captures the Pontoon lifestyle that inspired the creation of our brand from the start. Relaxing, escaping the daily stresses of life, and just having fun.”

Fans of Pontoon don’t need to worry; the recipes of these year-round favorites will remain the same. One Ski IPA is a re-brand of the brewery’s flagship IPA replacing the outgoing name “Wake Zone”.

“A lot of craft beer fans out there know us for our crazy, fun sours and our big, decadent, barrel-aged stouts.” said Marcus Powers, co-owner and COO. “For example, we started Brownie Bash, one of the most exciting beer festivals in Georgia solely inspired by our Barrel-Aged Brownie Batter series of stouts but we also want to remind everyone that we have been making world-class beer across the board, especially with these year-round favorites. I’m excited for people to get the new artwork in their hands and fall in love with the liquid as much as we have.”

You can expect to see New Wave Premium Ale, Crushing Waves Georgia Weisse, and One Ski IPA in stores and in the taproom starting this month. Expect a cascading rollout going into the new year as inventory of the previous cans depletes in all markets.

With the launch of their refreshed core program, Pontoon Brewing also looks to add new offerings to their core lineup as well as seasonal brews that will return annually. "Pontoon puts out a lot of awesome, limited releases. Over the years I've been here, we've been asked by our accounts and consumers to have more consistent, awesome beers and that's exactly what these cores are!” said Kris Kelleher, Director of Sales. “Be on the lookout for even more exciting brand-new releases in 2022.”

About Pontoon Brewing:

Pontoon Brewing was founded in 2014 by a group of longtime pals and home brewers who are passionate about making awesomely scrumptious beer, the great outdoors, and anything on or near the water: what we dubbed the “Pontoon Lifestyle”. We soon found a home in Sandy Springs and opened our brewery and taproom in 2018, becoming the first and only brewery in the city. The “Pontoon Lifestyle” will soon make its way to Tucker, GA with the opening of a new taproom and production facility planned for Spring of 2022. Pontoon Brewing prides itself on putting our own brand of fun, unique, and often irreverent twists on traditional styles of beer. Pontoon Brewing’s beers are available in our Sandy Springs taproom, throughout the state of Georgia, central and south Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Puerto Rico, and even parts of Asia!