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RODENBACH Announces Arrival of Fruitage

The Only Fruit Infused, Low ABV Beer That's 100% Authentically RODENBACH

RODENBACH Brewery, makers of world class renowned sour beers in the traditional Flanders red style, recently announced its latest innovation with the arrival of RODENBACH Fruitage. This beer is a 4.2% ABV blended Rodenbach with fruit enhancements and is sold in 4-packs.

RODENBACH Fruitage gets its name from aged-old brewing techniques, combined with fruit infusions.  It's an instant classic – comprised of 25% authentically aged RODENBACH (2-year matured beer from oak standing Foeders) blended with 75% young RODENBACH ale, with added fruit of cherries and elderberries.  With an ABV of 4.2%, RODENBACH Fruitage is light and refreshing, perfect for easy drinking and to be enjoyed year-round.

First Time RODENBACH is Offered in Cans in the United States
Tested in draught format late last year to rave reviews from consumers and beer professionals alike, RODENBACH Fruitage is the first and only RODENBACH offered in slim, 8.5oz cans, and the first time any RODENBACH is available in cans in the United States.  This innovation follows years of research and requests from consumers and beer professionals who have been requesting a RODENBACH beverage in a can format.

Available in 4-packs, it is approachably priced as compared to other premium imports, with a suggested retail price of $6.99.  Shipping begins in April, 2017 and will be on store shelves in late May, 2017 – just in time for the warm summer months.

"This is an exciting new innovation in our legendary portfolio of beers, and we're thrilled to offer this product in the United States," said Rudi Ghequire, master brewer of RODENBACH brewery.  "RODENBACH Fruitage is a light and refreshing beverage that is full of flavor, perfectly balanced and compliments a variety of foods and occasions."

"RODENBACH Fruitage opens the door to a new generation of craft beer drinkers to the legendary RODENBACH portfolio," said David van Wees, General Manager, Latis Imports., US Importer for RODENBACH Brewery.  "Consumers are seeking alternatives to the heavier beer selections, and RODENBACH Fruitage offers a lighter style of beer that is both refreshing and filled with flavor, in keeping with authentic RODENBACH brewing practices."

About RODENBACH Brewery
Brewed in Roeselare, Belgium since 1821, BROUWERIJ RODENBACH is the maker of the original sour ale and the leading craft brewer of mixed-fermentation Flanders red-brown beer.  Aged in the brewery's 294 oak casks ("foeders"), master brewer Rudi Ghequire uses a process called "positive selection" to craft a perfectly balanced and delicious beer that has received awards and accolades from beer lovers around the world.

About Latis Imports
Latis Imports is the US Division of Bavaria, N.V. an independent family-owned brewery, run by the Swinkels family for seven generations.   It is the only major brewery in the Netherlands that brews its beer with pure, natural mineral water from its own springs.  Its portfolio of brands includes the iconic Brouwerij RODENBACH, PALM brewery and a variety of imported beers including Hollandia, Habesha, Bavaria and others.  Purchased by Bavaria, N.V. in 2016, Ridgefield-based Latis Imports is run by 25-year beer industry veteran David van Wees, who is responsible for expanding the Bavaria N.V. portfolio throughout the US market.