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Seedstock Brewery Tour

Denver’s Seedstock Brewery is a true beer connoisseur’s brewery. Rather than relying on flash and gimmicks, it is helping to push the American palate forward by taking it back in time. That time may vary from anywhere between the 1500s to the 19th century, when the Czech ancestors of owners and brothers Ron and Jason Abbott emigrated to Nebraska, bringing their recipes with them.

The Abbotts opened the brewery in 2016 as an homage to their ancestors' roots in the farming trade. “Seedstock” is a term that means saving the best of what you have now for planting tomorrow. The concept translates readily to the brewers’ ethos, taking lessons from the past and applying it to the present. The result is “straightforward beer for folks who like to drink it,” in their own words. Of course, straightforward beer is anything but simple.

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