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Summer 2022, Issue 61


Welcome to Issue #61 of The Beer Connoisseur Magazine!

What We’re Drinking Now is a new segment in the magazine that will serve as an ongoing series highlighting some of the beers we’ve been enjoying recently. These beers will usually be stylistically or thematically tied to the time of the year or season in which the issue is being released. For this edition, sultry summer sippers are all the rage!

We check in with Arches Brewing’s Co-Founder Jeff Dake on his brewery’s exceptional Yurei Japanese-style lager, which was highly rated in our Official Review.

Iron Hill Brewery opened its second location in Georgia recently, and Jim Dykstra traveled to the venue and sampled the brewery’s wares. Read on to follow in his footsteps.

With good beers being reviewed by our judges on a daily basis, sometimes terrific ones slip through the cracks. These five summertime beers that achieved World Class and Exceptional ratings are sure to keep you satiated throughout the season.

NFTs are all the rage these days, so, of course, the beverage industry had to get involved at some point. These examples of beverage industry NFTs are sure to make a splash in the marketplace.

Charlie Papazian is among the most important figures in craft beer and brewing history. The “Johnny Appleseed” of craft beer retired recently, but he is still receiving honors. The one bestowed upon him by the Metropolitan State University of Denver might be among his most important.

There might be no better-known craft brewery than Stone Brewing Co., which is why its recent sale to mega brewer Sapporo U.S.A. marked a seismic shift in the industry when it was announced.


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What We're Drinking Now
Check out these beers we've been enjoying recently, including sultry summer sippers.

Arches Brewing's Yurei Japanese-Style Lager Quenches Thirst in Summer Months
Speaking of summer sippers, this quenching lager from Arches Brewing fits the bill perfectly.



Iron Hill Brings "Feel Good" Food and Beer to Georgia
Iron Hill's second location in Georgia features the high standard of quality the popular brewery has come to represent.

Five High-Scoring Beers to Try This Summer
Don't let these beers with World Class and Exceptional reviews slip through the cracks!

Beverage Industry NFTs Make a Splash
NFTs are all the rage these days. The beverage industry took notice and have made major headway in the non-fungible token space.





Charlie Papazian: The "Johnny Appleseed" of Craft Beer
Perhaps the most important person in the history of craft beer and brewing was bestowed with a major honor from a Colorado university recently.

A Seismic Shift in Craft Beer
While mergers and acquisitions are rather common in craft beer these days, this acquisition sent shockwaves throughout the industry.



Official Review
Single-blind reviews from our panel of experts. Featuring Garage Stick Shift Lager, Gnarly Barley Mocha Moon Imperial Coffee Stout, Night Shift Fluffy and more!

Brewer Q & A
Brewers share secrets of their highest-scoring beers.


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