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Winter 2019, Issue 40 Has Arrived!

Winter 2019, Issue 40 Has Arrived!

Welcome to the 40th edition of The Beer Connoisseur magazine – a landmark moment in the history of this publication and an exciting step into the future.

Whether you are a brewer or simply enjoy the art of drinking, we bring you up to speed on how the world of beer has turned in 2018 and where it’s going.

This edition is split into three sections. Our Industry Outlook looks forward to 2019 by providing the insider’s perspective on the industry from the viewpoint of the consumer, restaurants and the craft beer segment. All are explored at length with statistics, research and interviews from industry thought leaders regarding the future of the business.

Jim Dykstra helms the stories with a laser focus on the trends from the past year as well as upcoming changes to the craft beer scene in 2019, and he speaks with various industry insiders such as Keith Schlabs of Flying Saucer Draught Emporium regarding craft beer-focused restaurants.

For those wondering what to drink, the year-end celebration of the Official Review provides plenty of choices with our Top 250 Beers of 2018, ranging from Oud Bruins to Hazy IPAs. For the adventurous, we rank the Best Beers by Style Category. We also recognize the achievements of the brewers behind the year’s best beer with our Best Breweries of 2018 awards.

Lastly, our 2019 Trends section looks at the emergence of new popular beer styles, as well as how brewers are using new hop varietals to push the envelope in brewing a myriad of flavors. Josh Weikert also explores Emerging Beer Styles for 2019, including the rise in popularity of craft lagers and the introduction of Kveik beers, hazy IPAs and adjunct-heavy brews in the new year.

Of course, all of this year-end recaps and look-ahead pieces are augmented by our usual Official Review, Brewer Q&As of the highest-scoring beers and a compilation of the most recent Industry News.

Cheers and thanks for reading!

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