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5 Reasons Why Athletes Drink Beer

5 Reasons Why Athletes Drink Beer

For sports enthusiasts, the players and the teams, clubs matter as much as the game itself. As a fan, you don’t just watch a game, but you actively engage with it. You cheer, you make predictions, you cry and of course you bet on the winnings of your favorite players. For looking at sportsbook lists, is a wonderful space.

When it comes to the lives and diets of these personalities, there are things which we will be astonished to know, like drinking beer is actually good for their health. There is an intricate link between drinking tons of beer and sweating out. As per research, the more athletes drink, the more they can work. Keeping aside the carbs intake, there are several reasons listed below which makes it good for athletes to intake a pint or two post-workout.

Beer doesn’t dehydrate the athlete, to a certain extent. It doesn’t help in rehydration, but rather helps in not increasing dehydration post-sweating. A 2015 study by the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism actually pointed out that light beer combined with a little sodium aided in complete fluid retention after a workout session, but there is more scientific research needed in the arena for giving a concrete conclusion.

Beer makes everything better, as is the saying, but in fact it can even better your favorite athlete’s muscular soreness. The International Journal of Kinesiology and Sport Science showed via a report in 2014 that drinking beer makes athletes feel more relaxed with lesser muscle pain post workout sessions.

There is more miraculous news; beer can even prevent the occurrence of kidney stones! This is primarily because regular dehydration leads to kidney stones, which beer does prevent to a certain extent. So beer keeps the kidneys clear and aids them in filtration while most drinks- like fruit juices or soda  increases the possibility of having a kidney stone, as per a report by the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology in 2013.

You will be amazed to know that beer, in fact, helps your favorite sports personality become better at their game by helping them grow stronger bones! Beer is considered to be an amazing source, in fact one of the bests of- silicon which is extremely important in a diet for developing strength in skeletal tissues. This was studied by the National Health and Aging in 2007. In each pint, the silicon content might vary from beer to beer. But, IPAs probably have the richest silicon content with their endless pale malts and hops. A study in Food and Science in Agriculture confirmed that three bottles of beer, regardless of the brand, should suffice.

Hops do not just make beer taste heavenly, but they reduce inflammation in acute cases, as per a report published by the Molecular Nutrition and Food Research in 2009. In fact, to top it off, Planta Medica published a study which concluded that hops could be a replacement for the classic anti-inflammatory drug COX-2 inhibitors, without any steroids.

So, gear up, because beer is a wonderful thing for not just your taste and feelings, but for your body as well!