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Allagash Confluence

Allagash Confluence Barnyard

Please allow me to unite this 2014 Allagash Confluence Ale with this gorgeous glass for today's Pint Break. As we join together to celebrate this Belgian-style ale, let's embrace its marriage of two yeast strains, leaving a strong, loving and devoted finish.

Allagash created Confluence Ale using in-house Belgian-style yeast in congruence with their own Brettanomyces strain. The two beautiful yeast strains come together to create barnyard bliss. Yee-ha!

Floral and fruit notes linger along with the pungent brett funk as the pilsner, pale and caramel malts create a well balanced profile with the Tettnang and East Kent Golding hops. In the end, the dry hopped Glacier addition leaves a hint of wild bitterness as this beer stands true to the effervescent Belgian Golden Strong Ale style.   

May the yeast be with you.

-- Lisa Silfies