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The Best Places To Enjoy A Beer


The Best Places To Enjoy A Beer

There’s nothing better than getting to an end of a long day at work and taking some time to enjoy a beer. It is the perfect way to de-stress after a long working day or just taking a minute to yourself to relax after a stressful day in general. However, some beers are also best enjoyed as a moment of celebration, whether that is getting a promotion at work, or enjoying a huge life-changing moment. But, where are some of the best places to enjoy a beer?


There aren’t many better ways to enjoy a beer at the end of the day than in the bath tub or while having a shower. It makes the experience even more relaxing, as you can sip away on a cold drink while sweating out the troubles that you have had throughout the day. It is also the perfect first beer of the night if you’re heading out with friends to a local pub or club.

Picturesque Location

Sometimes the best place to have a beer is in a location that you can just look around and admire the beauty. Some of the best cities in the world have bars in idyllic locations, including in Birmingham where you can find a wide selection of amazing canalside bars. There’s nothing more enjoyable when taking your first sip of beer while looking around and admiring the beauty of a location.


Many enjoy exploring the countryside, and that means one of the best places to enjoy a cold beer is in the woods. It is an essential part of any camping trip or hike, as you can crack open a cold one when you get to your final destination. It is also a reward for your hard work throughout the day, as you can immediately de-stress after a long day of exercise. Drinking in the woods is likely most popular for those that are going camping, as it’s important to take a crate with you when you’re packing all the essentials. However, it’s always important to keep count of how many drinks that you have.


Possibly the best place to enjoy a beer is on the beach while catching up on some tanning. The beach is enough to help you de-stress enough, but having a beer while lying down and enjoying the summer is just sheer bliss. Getting a beer at the beach is always easy too, as there are often a number of bars scattered around, while you can also take your own case of beer along with you.

Sporting Event

No matters whether you’re watching your team win or lose, a sporting event is always a good enough reason to have a beer. If your team is winning then it gives you a reason to have a celebratory beer, while a defeat for your team means that you can drown your sorrows and do your best to forget the game. There aren’t many other events that go hand-in-hand with a beer more so than a sporting event.