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Is a Brewing Career Right for You? Here's How to Know

Is a Brewing Career Right for You? Here's How to Know

Are you determined to become a professional brewer but don't know where to begin? As in many niche areas of expertise, there are several key questions to ask before embarking on the journey toward certification, getting a diploma, or finding that first job in the field. Here are some essential areas to look at before you begin.


Is this really what you want to do? One way to measure your personal level of commitment is to write down a list of reasons for choosing this particular career path. From your own point of view, list pros and cons, and make an assessment about other paths you might choose if this particular decision does not work out. Introspective exploration along these lines is an excellent way to uncover doubts, solid beliefs, and authentic emotions behind your decision to pursue a specific career. Spend at least a few days pondering over what you write on your list and think about the points as you go through your ordinary work day.


Money is a fact of life. Getting your degree and paying for it are two different challenges, but are equally formidable. If you don't have the funds to finance your education and training, you need to get busy finding them. This is true no matter what your educational goals are, but especially pertains to specialized coursework like learning to brew beer, sculpt, play the violin or design commercial buildings. What's the solution to the financing dilemma that so many prospective brewers find themselves in?

For the majority, it makes sense to take out a student loan from a private lender to cover all or most of the expenses related to schooling. Private lenders offer a wide range of options, making it relatively simple to set your own terms, get a competitively low interest rate, and virtually design your own loan package. This holds true whether you're the borrower or a cosigner. With student loans, this is the most efficient method to pay for educational expenses.

Educational Goals

Are you aiming to complete a certificate program, a full-fledged degree, or to train under a personal mentor? Fortunately, there are plenty of options out there, including self-instruction via online courses. Become clear about the type of educational path you want to pursue. The answers you come up with will dictate many other parts of the journey, like how much funding you'll need, whether you need to relocate to complete a degree and whether you should study part-time or full-time.

Career Goals

Most people who take career-related coursework like brewing classes, seminars, and intensive boot camp-style training have at least an idea of where they want to end up after the learning phase of the process. Will brewing be a side job or hobby, a full-blown career, or something else? Perhaps your dream is to own a restaurant and serve your own beer or to become a wholesaler who supplies restaurants all over the world. Everyone has a dream. Figure out what yours is and then investigate the job market to see how realistic it is and whether you need to calibrate it to match the needs of the marketplace.