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The Five Most Popular Casino Cocktails

The Five Most Popular Casino Cocktails

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When you watch an old-school gambling movie or one that features scenes at a casino, you’re likely to see people getting fancy cocktails brought to them by waiters.

Ordering drinks at a casino is a significant aspect of the gambling experience, as most establishments in Las Vegas and other cities offer free drinks to patrons.

If you are new to the world of gambling or want to learn about interesting cocktails you can sip while playing games, we have the ultimate guide for you.

Not only are these drinks you can make at home for a game night with friends or family, but they are perfect for ordering at a bar, nightclub or at the most popular casino.

Below are the five most common casino cocktails.

1. Dry Martini

Simplicity is often the best way to have a great time at a casino. A dry martini is one that is shaken, not stirred, and is an experience in itself.

Most dry martinis are made with dry vermouth and gin. You can ask for an olive, lemon, or a stuffed olive along with your drink to add to the experience.

The beauty of a dry martini is that you taste the alcohol, which is great for people who want to avoid overly sugary drinks. If you love the taste of gin, but with a twist, you will love this drink.

2. Gin and Tonic

Sticking with the theme of gin-based drinks, the second-best cocktail to order at a casino is a gin and tonic. Another drink that enhances the taste of the alcohol, a gin and tonic is little more than sparkling bitter tonic or club soda with gin.

Your gin and tonic will likely come in a highball glass that is full of ice. You should also get a stirrer, which allows you to continuously stir your drink to ensure each sip is as perfectly cold as the drink preparer intended.

A slice of lemon is great with a gin and tonic. If you are serving them at a party, be sure you ask your guests how much gin they want. Gin and tonics can be so delicious that your guests may not realize they are drinking a lot of alcohol in each glass.

3. Long Island Iced Tea

People who do not know a lot about alcohol are always amazed when they learn that a Long Island iced tea contains no tea! The beverage is named as such because of its appearance, which is very similar to the sweet iced tea you can order at restaurants.

Long Island iced teas do contain a lot of alcohol. If you are planning to drink these on your night out at a casino, stick to one or two, especially if you are a lightweight.

Most Long Island iced teas are made with vodka, tequila, light rum, gin, and triple sec. That is a lot of alcohol for one drink! Most bartenders will pour a shot of each liquor, add ice, and then top it with a splash of regular or diet cola.

4. Mojito

If you want a fancy experience at a casino, or you want to change up your regular drink during game night at home, a mojito is an excellent option. Made in a Cuban highball glass, the cocktail contains white rum, lime juice, soda water, mint, and sugar.

The beauty of a mojito is that it has the perfect combination of liquor, sweetness, citrus, and mint flavors. Each sip makes your mouth and brain wonder what you are tasting, and you will likely enjoy the mojito even more as you continue drinking.

5. Margarita

A delicious cocktail for anyone who loves tequila, margaritas are perfect when you are in the party mood. Containing tequila, orange liqueur, lime juice, and cut limes, margaritas are extremely easy to make and very delicious.

One of the beauties of this drink is that you can customize it to your preferences. Most people enjoy margaritas with regular ice and salt on the rim. If you want to elevate the beverage, you can mix all the ingredients in a blender, add ice, and then blend for a few seconds. What you end up with is a delicious cocktail slushie that you will never tire of drinking.

Pace Yourself at a Casino

People who visit a casino for the first time are often amazed by the free drink policy. Even if you are sitting at a slot machine, someone will eventually ask if you want a drink. You can order as many free drinks as you want, and if you tip one or two dollars per tip, the waiter will be back to get your next order!

The problem is that free drinks can lead to unforeseen consequences. If you drink too much, you may end up intoxicated and not having the best time. You may even make ill-advised gambling decisions while under the influence.

Have a plan when you visit a casino. Decide on how many drinks you will consume, and how much money you are willing to gamble in total. When you set limits and stick to them, you will have an enjoyable night with no unfortunate repercussions.