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How to Create the Best Bachelor Pad

How to Create the Best Bachelor Pad

Live your life before you get married. It’s the only time when you don’t have a lot of responsibilities, you have the energy, and perhaps most important of all, you will have the resources. Going a few years back, you didn’t have the money. A little in the future, you will have too many responsibilities with your new family. After all that, you won’t have the energy or friends to live your life to the “fullest.”

It’s crucial to have a bachelor pad if you want to live your life to the fullest. It won’t be like this once you get married, but you might still have a few years before that. This article discusses how you should design your bachelor pad. We have taken wishes and fantasies of all bachelors to create this list of suggestions. They have shared what you must have in your home to make a perfect bachelor pad that will make all your friends want to move in with you.

Keep it Minimal
Trying too hard might make it look lame. You need to show an amazing place, but it shouldn’t give off pretentious vibes. Every visitor should feel that this place put itself naturally together. It doesn’t require you to work extra hard. You only need to cut extra things and plan more carefully. Learn how extreme minimalism works while also providing you the design you have always wanted. It only needs you to not buy little decoration pieces that you see on sale. Many people put up too many things like that that don’t work well with the environment.

Floor Cushions and Bean Bags
Instead of buying furniture, you should get big floor cushions if you have carpet. Also add a few bean bags with that setup. A couch doesn’t leave a lot of space left over. You and your mates might be able to sit comfortably, but it will become a problem when you have guests over. Besides, you would want to relax and lie down and there won’t be enough space for that. On the other hand, a lot more people can easily sit and lie down comfortably with cushions. You should, however, lay something soft on top of the carpet for extra padding.

A Great Home Theatre
Here is a dream of every bachelor ever. Even youngsters and married couples want this in their home. It’s not exactly cheap, I know that, but it’s essential. Your bachelor pad will never be complete without a home theatre. You should have a large screen and some awesome speakers that should make your entire house tremble.

It will allow you to get that cinema feel within your house and you will also be more comfortable. There is no need to hide your food inside your clothes or buy ridiculously expensive and low-quality popcorn. You can prepare unlimited popcorn at your home that feels free compared to the rates of the cinema.

Gaming System
“I hate video games,” said no boy ever. Even if you are not a player, you will still like playing games. As long as you don’t get addicted, it’s a great fun activity that makes you lose track of time. Even if you don’t like it, your friends will definitely love it. They make a great environment when all your friends get together. You can arrange gaming competitions by connecting your gaming station to the home theatre.

Mini Gym
Every man wants to go to the gym, and they all go for a certain period of time. The goal of going to the gym is to maintain fitness. However, no one ever said you couldn’t work out without regularly going to the gym. While I would recommend that you join a proper fitness center, you should also create a mini gym inside your home.

You don’t have to buy expensive machines. Simply setting some dumbbells and a few plates should be more than enough. However, one thing you can’t miss at any cost is a punching bag. Every time you feel excited or frustrated, you can go beat the hell out of it. It’s also a great way to maintain fitness and practice boxing.

Foosball or Ping Pong
Every bachelor pad needs a game. Two of the most popular games are foosball and ping pong. If you have space, you can get both; otherwise, choose one that you like best. If you are four mates living together, then I would suggest foosball is more fun, although four people can also play ping pong together. This will add a fun vibe to your place and get a lot of attention when you throw parties.

Build a Minibar
It doesn’t have to be just for drinks. Millennials get cravings almost every day at a time when it’s too much trouble going out of the house. Creating a mini bar will ensure that you always have snacks to satisfy your hunger pangs and serve your guests. Many men have a deep desire to become a bartender. This can help you fulfill that dream. It will also be a great success if you like to party a lot.

Extra Set of Colorful Lights
I have never heard a man say that he likes bright lights. These are alright when you are eating, studying or working, but you need dim and soothing lights when you are trying to relax at home. That’s why you need some colorful lights that you can dim at your will. They make your home environment more bachelor-like and fun. They really help you set the mood when drinking, listening to music, playing games or just having a conversation with friends.

A Wall for Drawing
You will never regret this decision if you have an artist among your friends. Leave one wall simply plain white for you and your friend to draw and paint. Whether you use a pencil or paint, randomly putting pieces of art will make one beautiful wall that is full of memories. It also brings colors to your bachelor pad and has a class of its own. It doesn’t matter even if it’s messy. It will still be called a work of art.

Don’t Forget Hookah and Bong
Leave this if you live a clean, healthy life. However, if you are an enthusiast, you must keep a bong and a hookah at your place. We all know how a bong works. The hookah is a similar thing but works better when you have company. You can put any flavors in it and enjoy dense smoke. Many people even use real fruit like Apple to infuse it with more flavor.  This doesn’t last more than 15 minutes but has a great taste.

Buy a Robot Cleaner
Cleanliness is important, but boys hate cleaning. There will be a lot of mess in every bachelor pad, but none of us like it. You should get a robot cleaner to do this difficult task for you. No, it’s not expensive like it sounds because it’s not an actual robot. It’s a simple vacuum that doesn’t need you to operate it. It will keep revolving around your house while cleaning the floor. This would ensure you can live a worry-free life without having to clean your bachelor pad yourself.

Get a Jacuzzi if You Can Afford It
This one is an expensive one, but it could make your bachelor pad more soothing and attractive for you and some female friends who might visit you. First of all, you need to have enough space in the open air where you can set a Jacuzzi, but it also needs a shed to save it from rain and other sunlight. You also can’t set it at a place where it won’t be appropriate to get half-naked and take a bath.