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How to Work Abroad + Other Useful Tips for Earning Money

How to Work Abroad + Other Useful Tips for Earning Money

Working abroad is a great way of visiting a new place, traveling the world and experiencing a new culture. The big difference when it comes to working abroad is that millions of people end up working overseas because they have to do it in order to earn a better salary and raise the standard of living for their families back home.

You also have another section of people who end up going abroad to work because they want to and are looking forward to a new experience.

1. Grab a working holiday visa

If you have enough money to travel to other counties for fun, getting a working holiday visa is a great way of earning some extra spending cash. Some countries hand out such visas that last for up to two years, which means you can essentially fund your travels with a sideline job.

Perfect for younger people who are comfortable with a wide variety of seasonal jobs, working holiday visas are a great way of experiencing other cultures without committing a year’s savings.

2. Work as a cruise ship employee

If you love to travel to other locations but can’t go without certain comforts, snagging a cruise ship job is the next best thing. These cruise ships are like large, floating hotels, and indoor plumbing is rarely an issue.

This is a great choice for people who aren’t wary of manual labor, and for those who love mingling with employees from all corners of the globe.

Many cruise ships have a gaming area on-board that offer online-casino style games, so if you are comfortable with dealing cards for cash, check out job postings in this area. Most cruise ship casinos are luxurious, patterned after the best land-based casinos, which definitely beats working in a hot kitchen.

3. Become a freelancer

If you have a freelance job, you can work anywhere in the world. As long as you keep track of your time zones, you should have no problem establishing a stable work routine and meeting the demands of your clients from around the world.

If you end up traveling to Toronto or London and are finding it tough to bring in enough money by freelancing, you should test your luck at Canadian casinos or a casino in London. If you don’t like going to a brick-and-mortar casino, you can always play casino games at an online casino.

4. Become a tour guide

Tour guide jobs are an amazing way for extroverts who love explaining the various ins and outs of their home country to visitors. Moving abroad and working as a tour guide not only helps you acclimate better to your new country but can serve as a stable source of income for your future travels.

You can search for tour guide jobs in areas with a heavy tourist presence, which is where many tour offices are. A casino in London, for example, would be a great starting point for your job search in this industry.

5. Volunteer

If you want to make a difference in the world, volunteering is one of the easiest and most helpful things you can do. Many organizations offer foreign trips as a way of recruiting young and eager people who want something a bit more meaningful out of their jobs than just a salary.

Volunteering also opens up a world of networking possibilities, as you will be in close contact with other volunteers who share your passion and are looking to make a difference.

6. Find a work exchange

Work exchange programs are similar to foreign exchange programs in school. The thinking is that, specific locales breed-specific kinds of workers. Having more exposure to different locales would therefore result in a more holistic kind of employee.

Check to see if your current employer has a work exchange program with a foreign company. These jobs generally come with free room and board, which means you have more leeway to save as much as you can before heading home.

7. Work as a teacher

If you have a special skill and love guiding children through the learning process, a teaching job is one of the most accessible ways of getting a foothold into a foreign country. If you are a native English speaker, lots of countries have strong English school industries that you can try to break into.


If you have never worked overseas, you should check out some of these options and see if it works out for you.