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"Oscar" Worthy Coffee

New Belgium Brewing Oscar Worthy Coffee

New Belgium is in Atlanta for Secret Stash and Argosy hosted a flight of sours. Was the word flight ever more appropriate? The single barrel “Oscar,” the sourcing for La Folie, the 2014 La Folie, a Leopold (Oscar aged in Blackberry Whiskey barrels from Leopold Bros), and "Oscar" Worthy Coffee sent taste buds and spirits soaring.

Hal Doss, a native of Rome, Georgia and a brewer who literally worked his way up from the New Belgium cellar, was on hand to talk about sours. He’ll be at the Square Pub in Decatur tonight with an apple Leopold and NB seasonals on tap.

The Oscar Worthy Coffee, one of the more fantastic coffee and beer confabulations, will be at Secret Stash at the Prado on Saturday afternoon along with “Cherry Oscar,” which is aged in Cherry Whiskey Barrels from Leopold. Sour and schweet!

-- Jonathan Ingram