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SanTan Devil's Ale

Devil's Ale

It’s gray, it’s dreary… it’s time for a Pint Break! Though a light dusting of snow still remains in some places, the winter wonderland of yesterday has been replaced by a bleakness that blankets the heavens.

Since even the stratosphere seems sullen today, why not delight in some earthly pleasures courtesy of Beelzebub himself? SanTan Brewing Company’s Devil’s Pale Ale is a perfect pick-me-up for the post-snow day blues. An easy-drinking pale ale with an immediate smack of in-your-face hops, this brew will definitely light a fire underneath you (bifurcated tail or not).

Though it is a dull day, nothing gets me in the mood (much like my little friend on the mug) like a good salvo of suds.

-- Chris Guest