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Why Was Juul Banned? (Rise and Fall Explained)

A federal appeals court temporarily stayed a government ban on JUUL Labs' electronic cigarettes. Uncover why Juul was banned.

Why Was Juul Banned? (Rise and Fall Explained)

With the launch of Juul, the company set out to wean the world's one billion adult smokers off traditional, flammable cigarettes, end their use altogether, and prohibit sales to minors. Unlike any other vape on the market, Juul is user-friendly, pleasurable, and packed with features that adult smokers love. Innovative vapor technology now has a first: a nicotine-containing e-liquid mix that is both novel and pleasurable. 

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit told this big-name vape brand it couldn't sell its products, which put its future in doubt. The court granted A brief administrative stay, which allowed the petitioner ample time to file an emergency request for a stay. Court review is ongoing; thus, the impending action should be seen as something other than a decision on the motion's merits. 

The FDA is holding off on banning it completely until Juul can prove its worth as a smoking cessation tool once more. Rest assured, VapeDeal will still be able to fulfill your Juul product orders while this procedure is underway. 

Quick Summary

Safety concerns were the primary rationale for the ban on Juul. As of 2022, the firm "must stop selling and distributing" all of its goods promoted in the US according to Marketing Delial Orders issued by the FDA. 

The lawsuit claimed that Juul had failed to provide "insufficient and conflicting data" about the "toxicological profile" of what it sells and that the business had failed to prove that "marketing of the products would be appropriate for the protection of the public health."

Nevertheless, the FDA emphasized that it did not get clinical data indicating an "immediate hazard" linked to Juul devices or pods.

big vape rise and fall of juul

The Story Behind Juul Getting Banned 

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been slow to regulate the e-cigarette market. When the FDA completed its evaluation of the health hazards of vaping products in 2016, brands like Juul were already readily accessible throughout the country.

That meant e-cigarette firms already operating had to start preparing documentation supporting the public health benefits of their products backward. If they failed to persuade the FDA, they risked having their vapes banned from sale in the US.

The FDA decided to prohibit Juul vapes after a two-year evaluation of the vaping giant's request for permission to sell fruit-flavored products. In response to demands from anti-smoking organizations to restrict access to goods that have fueled a tenfold increase in vaping among young people, the Food and Drug Administration examined marketing applications from Juul and hundreds of other firms.

Why Was Juul Banned?

The whole of Juul's product line was banned on June 24 by the US Food and Drug Administration. According to the agency's Marketing Denial Order (MDO), the business must immediately cease marketing and distributing any of its goods. There are also calls for the corporation to get its items from store shelves or face regulatory measures. 

The JUUL gadget and four different JUUL pod varieties are part of the product line. Its menthol-flavored pods and Virginia tobacco-flavored pods come in 5% and 3% nicotine strengths, respectively. According to the agency, retailers should contact JUUL directly with any inquiries about this directive.

Even though the FDA has issued marketing denial orders (MDOs) to Juul Labs Inc., these orders limit the company's ability to distribute, import, and sell these products commercially; they do not limit individual consumers' availability or usage. The corporation wasn't permitted to market or distribute the items stated before, but consumers are free to use and own them.

Did Juul Agree With The FDA Decision?

Juul responded by stating that it has correctly assessed the safety of its products. The business said it had filed the necessary paperwork and data and would investigate all its options, including filing an appeal against the ban in court.

In a statement, Joe Murillo, chief regulatory officer of Juul, expressed his disagreement with the FDA's conclusions and decision. He also said that Juul believes it has supplied enough information and evidence gathered from reliable studies to address all allegations made by the agency- "We will keep doing everything it takes to help the millions of adult smokers in the United States."

The Food and Drug Administration has not yet received clinical evidence indicating an imminent danger associated with using JUUL disposables or pods. It is clear from the MDOs that the FDA has decided there isn't enough data to determine the risks associated with employing Juul products. Furthermore, the safety of utilizing non-Juul devices with Juul pods or outside electronic cigarette cartridges with Juul vaporizers is unclear.

Is Juul Still Banned in 2023?

The FDA first banned Juul products in June 2022. However, they have placed the prohibition on hold while reevaluating the company's marketing application. The FDA suspended the marketing denial order on July 5, 2022.

The FDA still needs to remove the prohibition on Juul devices and unflavored vape pods from 2022, but the company may keep selling them until their assessment is complete. Consumers may continue purchasing Juul products until the FDA issues a final ruling. What this implies is that you can still buy Juul goods in 2024.

Wrap up 

Though users' safety was the primary concern behind why Juul was banned, the FDA granted an administrative stay to the MDO decision, allowing the vaping business to continue selling its electronic cigarettes. 

"The stay halts the marketing denial order temporarily while it undertakes additional review," the agency said, adding that it did not revoke the ruling.

On June 23, the Food and Drug Administration was the first to ban Juul sales. Later, the national prohibition was momentarily halted by a federal appeals court.

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