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Compliant Bootlegger

United States
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Compliant Bootlegger was formed in order to disrupt the alcohol beverage compliance industry.  The company evolved after working in the Alcohol Beverage industry and finding a need for an AFFORDABLE alcohol beverage compliance option.   Compliant Bootlegger began in 2015 with one goal in mind: Provide quality ALCOHOL COMPLIANCE services at a fraction  of our competitors fees.


Licensing, Wine, Beer, Spirits (Manufacturer,Wholesale, Importer)
Federal and State
Label Approvals
Waiver Requests
Label Review
Brand Registrations
Compliance Consultations
Virtual Compliance Officer

Compliant Bootlegger works across the various alcohol beverage industries that include wineries, breweries and distilleries.  We also provide compliance services for those individuals and businesses looking to import and wholesale alcohol beverages.


“We were relieved to find Compliant Bootlegger when we did.  Not only were they efficient, the fees were reasonable. They saved us time and money”
-Rotta Winery

"I definitely  suggest the compliance audit.  They found items we were paying for that we did not need.  This saved us hundreds of dollars in annual fees"
-Apex Wine Group

"Compliant Bootlegger was very consistent in explaining everything upfront..."
-Frederick Boelen
- La Cave, Napa, CA