• Against the Grain Brewery Launches a European Brand
    Against the Grain Brewery has announced that it will launch a European beer brand to be brewed in Germany. The move may serve as...
  • Summer 2017, Issue 31 Has Arrived!
    In these wild times, we here at The Beer Connoisseur do our best to remain as informed and consistent as possible. Amidst...
  • Modern Times Becomes Employee-Owned
    In what Modern Times Founder and CEO described as his "proudest achievement," Modern Times has just announced that it has become...

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Industry & People

Due to increased demand, Samuel Smith Brewery will offer its beers in four-packs. For all the details, see the release below: Seattle, WA — For a...
After multiple years of triple digit growth, Mother Earth Brew Co. will continue expanding its second production facility and increase its ...
Against the Grain Brewery has announced that it will launch a European beer brand to be brewed in Germany. The move may serve as a precursor to a...

Food & Travel

Holy City Brewing will be celebrating its sixth birthday in style on July 22nd. Luau style. For all the details, see below: CHARLESTON, SC (July 17th...

Beer & Trends

That's right. Odell has announced the release of Green Coyote Tomatillo Sour, with a Berliner base. For all the details, see below: Fort Collins, CO...


"Leaving living yeast in the bottle means that the overall flavor of the beer can continue to evolve and change in subtle ways."
Beer is alive. Well, not all beer, and technically I suppose it isn’t the beer that’s alive but rather that there are living things in the beer, but...
The Sierra Nevada Beer Camp packaging is one of the brewery's many smaller-scale innovations. (Photo Courtesy Sierra Nevada)
While large-scale advancements in brewing and packaging usually get noticed by craft beer aficionados, smaller innovations like improved pop-top...


 Artisanal Imports has announced the start of the National Belgian Beer Week, a nationwide event it co-sponsors along with many of the country's top...
No matter your opinion of the megabrewer's premier beer, when it makes a change like an update to its packaging, it's news. For more details, see...
North America (June 13, 2017) –  Four of Belgium’s most renowned breweries will be represented at the first annual National Belgian Beer Week (July...


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