Instagram Submissions

Trade Members, please submit your formatted promotional photos and Instagram post copy here.

You must make a submission for each post you wish to send us.

We bulk schedule posts on a weekly basis at varying days and times. We do not accept specific day and time requests.

Our Instagram handle is: @beerconnoisseurmag

Be sure to include your Instagram handle in the post so that you will be notified of our post in your Instagram account.

We do not tag photos or add any creative elements to the post.

You may email editorial (at) beerconnoisseur (dot) com with questions or concerns.

Photo Guidelines

Photos must be square with a maximum size of 1080x1080.

We will not format photos for you. Unformatted photos will not be posted.


Dimensions: 1080 x1080
Maximum file size 10MB

Copy Guidelines

Your copy will be cut and pasted for the post as you have it formatted in the submission.

Be sure to include your company's handle, any other handles you'd like to include as well as relevant hashtags.


Will will add your Instagram handle to the post so you will be notified when the post has gone live.
Images must be square and formatted to 1080x1080. .jpg or png only.
Files must be less than 10 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png.
Submit the text to be included with your post. We do not include tags with your posts.