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Create a Beer Label for AleSmith

AleSmith has announced that its upcoming seasonal, Evil Dead Red Ale, will feature artwork created by fans and submitted via a contest.

The Evil Dead Red Ale Bottle Contest begins on April 8 and runs through May 9. During that time, AleSmith will receive submissions at [email protected].

The winning artist will be announced mid-May during American Craft Beer Week.

Here's the release from AleSmith:

San Diego, California (April 4, 2016) — At AleSmith Brewing Company, art and craft-beer go hand-in-hand. It’s the brewer’s art that has birthed so many world-class, award-winning ales for the San Diego-based brewery. This spring, AleSmith will provide a variety of blank canvasses for its fans to express their creativity with a pair of unique art initiatives taking place online and at the company’s tasting room, starting with the Evil Dead Red Ale Bottle Art Contest followed by a Wall-to-Wall Tasting Room Art Takeover.

Evil Dead Red Ale has been a vastly popular autumn seasonal for AleSmith dating back to 1998. It will continue to harken the arrival of fall with its intense hop aromas and caramely malt backbone, but this year each 22-ounce bottle will bear original artwork. What will the design look like? That’s up to the artists at-large who submit their concepts to AleSmith, where all entries will be judged to determine the label that best suits this eerily delicious beer celebrating All Hallows’ Eve and the undead.

“With zombies and walkers being so en vogue these days, we expect to be overrun with stunning, bottle-worthy submissions like delectably plump survivors of the apocalypse cornered by a mob of flesh-seeking, reanimated corpses,” says AleSmith Marketing Manager Brandon Hernández. “We’ve shared our art for brewing with fans for 20 years, so it’s exciting to turn the tables and allow AleSmith enthusiasts to share their art with us.”

Artists may submit as many entries as they like to [email protected] from April 8 to May 9. The criteria for all entries is as follows. Each designmust:


·         Be produced using Adobe Illustrator and submitted in an Adobe PDF file no larger than 3MB

·         Fit on the front of the bottle in an area three (3) inches wide by three-and-a-half (3½) inches tall

·         Include the beer name “Evil Dead Red Ale” or “Evil Dead Red”

·         Consist of exactly two (2) colors matching the beer’s existing red-and-gray color scheme

·         Be free of inappropriate language, vulgarity or unsavory imagery

The winning entry and artist will be announced during American Craft Beer Week (May 16-22). The winning artist’s name and signature will be included on the bottle and the winner will receive a case of AleSmith Evil Dead Red Ale to show off to friends and family, use as decorations for their private studios or donate to the Smithsonian.

Back at AleSmith’s Tasting Room (9990 AleSmith Court—formerly Empire Street, San Diego, CA), temporary walls have been erected to shield customers from construction of the official Tony Gwynn Museum, a memorial paying tribute to the Major League Baseball Hall of Famer. Fans are invited to sign-up to anoint a section of the temporary wall with unique artwork to help spruce up the sampling space until the museum opens this summer. Again, the only limitations are those of appropriateness, so AleSmith staff will need to be briefed on what the artist intends to design before it becomes a reality, but such a boundless opportunity for expression hasn’t existed since you were left unsupervised with a white wall and a full box of crayons. Cheers to art and the brewer’s art colliding in such fun and public ways!

Image Courtesy of AleSmith