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Dragon's Milk Reveals Exciting Updates to its Bourbon Barrel-Aged Beer, High-Proof Bourbon Brand Family and new RTS Cocktail

Dragon's Milk Reveals Exciting Updates to its Bourbon Barrel-Aged Beer, High-Proof Bourbon Brand Family and new RTS Cocktail

Dragon's Milk, the leading bourbon barrel-aged beer brand and high-proof bourbon brand, has just announced a full flight of upgrades to its product line, including new packaging and new products. This exciting development is sure to delight fans of the brand and attract new customers alike.

One of the most noticeable changes is the complete redesign of the signature black-and-white packaging, along with the iconic dragon, to better showcase the brand's attributes. Consumers can now expect to see a fresh, modern look that highlights the bourbon barrel-aging and potent ABV in a 4-pack bottle format.

“We’re committed to providing a premium beer experience to our fans, and our new packaging more accurately reflects that goal. The new 4-pack carriers maximize visibility and readability on shelf, and create a beautiful billboard of brands when placed side-by-side. Increasing the height of the carriers is also better for the beer, protecting it from harmful light exposure. The dragon has never looked better and is truly ready to fly!” said Dominic Bergquist, Brand Manager for the Dragon’s Milk portfolio in a press release.

But that's not all! Dragon's Milk is also expanding its product line with the launch of two new beers: Crimson Keep and Tales of Gold. Crimson Keep is a Bourbon Barrel-Aged Red Ale, while Tales of Gold is a Bourbon Barrel-Aged Golden Ale with Milk Sugar. Both of these brews boast a superior drinkability at a potent 11% ABV, in-line with the signature stout's alcohol content. The addition of these new brands expands the Dragon’s Milk family into familiar style groups ripe for innovation. Both beers will be available in the brand's footprint starting in March.

For fans of the highly-touted Dragon's Milk Triple Mash, there's great news. The annual release of this 17% ABV beer is back and to add even more excitement, Triple Mash will now be available in exciting new packaging. This beer will be released in New Holland Brewing Co.’s Holland and Grand Rapids, MI brewpubs on Saturday March 18, and will be available for limited distribution in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Finally, the Dragon's Milk portfolio is also expanding into ready-to-serve cocktails. Following the success of the first stouted bourbon, Beer Barrel Bourbon, Dragon's Milk is releasing its ready-to-serve Old Fashioned cocktail in a 375ml bottle. Made with Beer Barrel Bourbon, house-made bitters, orange peel oil, and the brand's signature Simple Syrup, which is crafted by reducing down the flagship Bourbon Barrel-Aged Stout into a syrup and adding sugar, this cocktail offers a unique and delicious savory and sweet quality. The Old Fashioned will be available in late April and sold throughout Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Kentucky in Meijer stores and local retailers.

Overall, these exciting updates demonstrate Dragon's Milk's commitment to innovation and excellence in its brand family of beer and high-proof bourbon. Fans and new customers alike will surely be delighted by these new offerings.

About Dragon’s Milk

Throughout the ages, Dragon’s Milk has been a term used to describe potent ales and elixirs worthy of a celebration, a reward at the end of the journey. New Holland Brewing Co. is proud to continue that tradition today with the Dragon’s Milk family of brands. What began as a single barrel of beer in 2001 has now become a full portfolio of legendary beverages, led by Dragon’s Milk Bourbon Barrel-Aged Stout, the #1 selling American-made stout. For more information, visit or follow the adventure on Facebook and Instagram.