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Ecliptic Brewing Unveils Cosmos Coconut Vanilla Hazy IPA

Ecliptic Brewing Unveils Cosmos Coconut Vanilla Hazy IPA

Ecliptic Brewing in Portland, Oregon has announced the brewery's newest special release: Cosmos, a hazy IPA with vanilla and coconut.

The full release from the brewery is below.

PORTLAND, Ore. — Ecliptic Brewing is excited to announce the newest beer in its Special Release lineup, which plays on the ever-popular hazy style that’s swept the nation. Discover layers of flavor in Cosmos Coconut &Vanilla Hazy IPA, which features tropical Cashmere and Sabro Hops. An enticing, well balanced blend of fragrant vanilla and coconut brings out the beach vibes, just in time for summer.

John Harris,Ecliptic Brewing Owner and Brewmaster, says the brew team has been wanting to create a coconut beer for years. “We’re excited to expand our hazy options with this new beer.Toasted coconut and vanilla combine with ample dry hopping to bring the juice!”

Cosmos Coconut& Vanilla Hazy IPA will first be released at Ecliptic’s pub on May 11th. It will also be released in both draft and 500ml bottles throughout Ecliptic Brewing’s distribution network.

About Cosmos Coconut & Vanilla Hazy IPA

Lose yourself in the Cosmos while discovering the multiple dimensions of this Hazy IPA. Together, aromatic notes of vanilla and coconut work harmoniously to reveal a flavor that reaches well beyond the universe.

ABV: 8%

About EclipticBrewing

Ecliptic Brewing is a venture from John Harris, an Oregon beer icon whose background is steeped in the state’s rich craft brewing history. The nameEcliptic unites Harris’ two passions: brewing and astronomy. As such, the brewery celebrates the Earth’s yearly journey around the sun through both its beer and restaurant menus. Harris’ signature beers include Starburst IPA,Orbiter IPA, Carina Peach Sour Ale and Capella Porter. For more information, visit: eclipticbrewing.com.

Ecliptic beers are available at the brewery (825 North Cook St), in bottle and on-tap throughout the area, and distributed by: Maletis Beverage (Portland, Salem, Vancouver WA), BigfootBeverage (Eugene, Bend, Coast), Fort George Distributing (Northern OregonCoast, Southern Washington Coast), Hodgen Distributing (Eastern Oregon), SummitDistribution (Southern Oregon), NW Beverages (Seattle, Tacoma), Odom (EasternWashington, Northern ID), Dickerson Distributing (Bellingham), Crooked StaveArtisans (Colorado), Freedom Distributors (North Carolina), Beer Thirst(Canada) and Tread Water (Japan).