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Hop Acreage in Northwest Up 16 Percent Since 2014

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Almost 44,000 acres of hops were strung up in Washington, Oregon and Idaho, a 16 percent increase from last year according to a report by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Washington led the way with 32,205 acres of hops strung up, accounting for 73 percent of the Northwest’s hop acreage.

Oregon accounted for 16 percent of Northwest acreage with nearly 6,807 acres, and Idaho rounded out the list with 11 percent acreage and almost 4,975 acres of hops strung up.

Washington’s crop was once again led by the Cascade varietal, with 4,934 acres strung up, but the Centennial varietal had far swifter growth – with almost a thousand more acres planted between 2014 and 2015.

Oregon’s acreage was dominated by Nugget and Cascade hops, as 1,433 and 1,097 acres were dedicated to the varietals, respectively.

Idaho’s hop spread was more varied, with Cascade clocking in at 821 acres and “Other varieties” claiming the most acres at 1,235. According to the USDA, a few “Other varieties” are Amarillo, Fuggle, Saaz, Sorachi Ace, and Yakima Gold.