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Rupee Beer is promoting the rise of curry culture & craft beer across top U.S. cities. Is America ready?

Rupee Beer is promoting the rise of curry culture & craft beer across top U.S. cities. Is America ready?

When one thinks of beverage pairings for Indian cuisine, what comes to mind? Is there a beer or wine on the market that can even complement the spicy and robust flavor profile Indian cuisine is known for around the world?

Following World War II, curry became a popular staple across the U.K. owing to the large number of immigrants from the Indian subcontinent. Curry is now an integral part of British cuisine and British pub culture. In the late 1990s, chicken tikka masala became the national dish of the country, and going for a curry and a pint of beer was seen as a national obsession and a unique part of British identity.

Britain's love affair with curry went as far as making inroads at the 1998 Football World Cup. Vindaloo, a spicy Indian curry so popular with soccer fans across Europe was incorporated into the team's national anthem; "vindaloo, vindaloo, vindaloo, we're going to score one more than you".

Brothers Vanit & Sumit Sharma, sons of Indian restaurateurs in the curry trade for over 50 years, found themselves continually frustrated that they could not find any Indian beer in Maine - the least diverse state in America where their family immigrated to from London in the early 90’s. 

The Sharma brothers strategically partnered with craft brewing legend Alan Pugsley, a lover of Indian food as a Brit and responsible for having launched 100+ beer brands globally. Together they created Rupee Beer which is rewriting everything society understands about craft lager as it relates to spicy world cuisine, as well as the concept of curry culture & craft beer made famous in U.K. pubs and curry houses. 

Rupee's multi-award winning recipe is brewed with pristine quality in mind with premium rice, maize, malted barley, and three types of unique hops. Rupee Beer dismantles the traditional lager experience by lowering levels of carbonation to allow for a more comfortable and enjoyable dining experience when pairing with Indian and world flavors. 

Rupee Beer is rapidly expanding its mission to bring Indian craft beer to more of America and is the first Indian-inspired beer to be available at select chains such as — Trader Joe's, Costco, Whole Foods, & Total Wine.