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Hamdi Ulukaya Acquires Anchor Brewing Company, Pledging Revival of Iconic San Francisco Brand

Hamdi Ulukaya Acquires Anchor Brewing Company, Pledging Revival of Iconic San Francisco Brand

Shepherd Futures, the family office of Chobani CEO and founder, Hamdi Ulukaya, today announced its acquisition of the assets of Anchor Brewing Company (Anchor), America’s first craft brewery, for an undisclosed amount. The deal encompasses all assets of Anchor and marks a new beginning for the company, continuing its 128-year legacy.

“What an exciting time for San Francisco and Anchor Brewing,” said Hamdi Ulukaya. “Both are experiencing the magic of rebirth. I have fallen in love with this city, its history, grit and charm. I believe brands born in places like this are incredibly special and must be treasured, respected and loved.”

“San Francisco is at the heart of Anchor Brewing, and Anchor embodies so much of what makes this city great,” continued Ulukaya. “I am humbled and excited to be part of this city and its rich community of people, who have a spirit that is special and unique. I have learned so much about Anchor and its role in San Francisco’s journey, and I look forward to doing whatever I can to support this amazing story of revitalization.”

With a history dating back to the California Gold Rush in 1896, Anchor was the first craft brewery as well as an original, iconic San Francisco brand. Best known for its Anchor Steam Beer and its renowned brewery and Public Taps taproom, Anchor’s operations in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill neighborhood closed last year.

Ulukaya intends to bring back the iconic brand that so many in San Francisco and around the world have loved for so long.

About Anchor Brewing

Established in San Francisco in 1896, Anchor Brewing Company is America’s first craft brewery, a trailblazer and industry leader that has persevered through earthquakes, fires and Prohibition. In 1965, Anchor’s new owner Fritz Maytag revived the brewery for a new era, charting a course that was foundational in the craft beer movement. During this time, Anchor reinvented its now classic Steam Beer, introduced the first American Pale Ale and pioneered new brewing practices still used industry-wide today.