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Judge's Review: 83 Rating - Hiya Gourdie by Motorworks Brewing

August, 2021
Judges Rating: 
20 / 24
5 / 6
35 / 40
8 / 10
Overall Impression: 
15 / 20

Hiya Gourdie by Motorworks Brewing is a pumpkin ale brewed with additions of galangal root, a ginger-like root vegetable, and was judged as an Autumn Seasonal beer (BJCP sub-style 30B). It poured dark amber with moderate clarity into the glass, forming a thin white head with little retention. The aroma included dark fruit (plum, raisin, even stewed prune) notes and distinct pumpkin pie spices, especially allspice and nutmeg . The flavors closely mirrored the aroma’s blend of pumpkin pie spice phenols – especially nutmeg, subdued ginger and pumpkin contributions, but no apparent flavoring hops, consistent with most interpretations of the style.

The mouthfeel revealed a medium body, low carbonation, no creaminess, a hint of warmth and a finish of lingering spices appropriate to the season. This would be an excellent Thanksgiving dessert beer to accompany and complement many semi-traditional holiday desserts such as pecan pie, just not pumpkin pie unless the diner is a glutton for those spices.

In terms of drinkability, the heavier-than-needed spice additions detract from the overall result and limit the number of glasses that most beer drinkers would be able to enjoy at a single session. As already noted, drinking this beer with certain foods is recommended to enhance the enjoyment of the beer for the imbiber, but still in moderation.