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Judge's Review: 94 Rating - For the Love of Lager: Zwickelbier by Wallenpaupack Brewing Co.

March, 2022

For the Love of Lager: Zwickelbier

For the Love of Lager: Zwickelbier

United States
For the Love of Lager: Zwickelbier, Wallenpaupack Brewing Co.

A beautiful, light amber colored lager brewed entirely with Vienna malt and noble hops. A decoction mash provides depth of malt character and a process called “spunding” allows us to naturally carbonate for a smoother finish.

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Judges Rating: 
22 / 24
5 / 6
40 / 40
8 / 10
Overall Impression: 
19 / 20

For the Love of Lager: Zwickelbier by Wallenpaupack Brewing Co. was judged as BJCP Historical Style 27, Kellerbier with base style 7A (Vienna lager).

This flavor-packed, everyday-drinking beer nails the Vienna lager malt character gently seasoned with zwickelbier (unaged, unfiltered lager) yeast and malt flavors. It pours reddish-amber to copper with a light haze under a robust off-white cap with moderate retention. The pour delivers a quick toasty aroma lightly seasoned by bready, yeasty notes and a gentle touch of floral, spicy hops. The first sip announces a rich, flavor-packed sessionable beer. The brewer handles the malt very well, nailing the Vienna lager-style malt character – toasty, bready malt without a lot of biscuit or caramel. There is just enough fermentation flavor to maintain interest without obscuring the malt. A kiss of bitterness gently lingers next to the malty aftertaste that demands another sip. Everything works very well together. The beer lover will appreciate the excellence of the execution while the neophyte will enjoy the well-developed flavors and the lack of sharp elbows. Both will want to drink it all night.