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Print Magazine: Winter 2020, Issue 46

The Beer Connoisseur's annual print edition celebrating the best beer and breweries of 2019. Readers also receive an insider's look into 2020's most important emerging trends in the beer industry.

The Beer Connoisseur Annual Print Edition

Winter 2020, Issue 46 is now a discounted back edition.


Celebrating the best beer and breweries of the year in this coffee table edition.
Included as an option with premium subscriptions!

The annual print edition by The Beer Connoisseur that celebrates the best beer and cider of the year. Special features recognize the Top 250 Beers of the Year, Top Beers by Style Category and Best Breweries of the Year. Readers will also enjoy an insider’s look at the upcoming year's consumer and industry trends and special features.

This high-quality, coffee table-worthy "mega print edition" is the perfect accompaniment to the premium online editorial.

And it's the perfect way to start the new year with a celebration of all the brew that’s fit to drink!


Insider's Look
•  Industry Outlook
•  Consumer Trends
•  Restaurant Trends
•  Retail Trends
•  Top Emerging Beer Styles

The Beer In Review
•  Top 250 Beers of the Year
•  Best Beer of the Year Awards
•  Best Breweries of the Year Awards
•  Best Beers by Style Category

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