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Step 1. Complete the form at the bottom of this page for each beer/cider you wish to have evaluated in the Official Review.

Step 2. Once our editors approve the submission, the Review Coordinator will email you an Official Samples Request containing shipping instructions for the review (allow 7 business days).

Step 3. Beer/cider will be reviewed in a single-blind format and published to our website within 45 days of receipt by the judge. An editor will notify you once the review has been published.


Important Details

The Official Review is a highly controlled single-blind format that insures unbiased evaluations of your brands. We do not purchase beer from retailers as we believe allowing brewers to directly ship its freshest beer/cider results in the most accurate evaluations of the liquid. This provides consumers with the best information about the out-the-door quality of the beverages, and it provides brewers with the most accurate critical evaluation of their work. This process is labor intensive and costly, and we thus have limited capacity in the Official Review.

We have had brewers submit all of their beer to our review (28+ beers annually) which limits other brewers from being included. In the interest of providing as many brewers the opportunity to be acknowledged in our publication, we now guarantee inclusion of two beer/ciders annually to brewers that subscribe to The Beer Connoisseur.

Premium Web 12 Months + Annual Print Edition – USA $34.95, CANADA $41.95, INTERNATIONAL $49.95



Submit Unlimited Beer & Cider

Breweries, cideries and importers may submit unlimited beer and cider over a 12 month period by joining our trade program. The trade program allows The Beer Connoisseur to increase its editorial capacity without limiting other non-trade member breweries from participating.

Joining as a trade member is the best way for brewers to receive comprehensive year-round coverage in the editorial categories read most by The Beer Connoisseur's audience. Trade members are guaranteed unlimited reviews, unlimited year-round press release coverage and other special editorial opportunities.



Upload the Correct Photo Style

Be sure to have a straight-on shot of your bottle or can, or a product photo preferably with no background (PNG or JPG on white background). Images are used at approximately 250 x 500 pixels. Please send largest size photos available, but no files larger than 10MB.

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