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Health & Fitness Guest Blog

Enjoy a wide range of editorial topics on health and fitness written and submitted by guest contributors that have been approved by The Beer Connoisseur® magazine & online's editorial department.

Beer lovers are interested in more than just beer, and our health and fitness guest blogs touch on a plethora of topics that appeal to the broad interests of our readers.

Health and fitness topics covered include diet, exercise routines, ways to incorporate beer into a healthy diet, mental health, medical information and much more.

All of our health and fitness guest blogs have undergone review by our editorial department, often being edited in-depth to ensure a high-quality reading experience.

Explore and enjoy!

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Growing Up Naturally: Why Some Critics Argue Against Introducing GMOs to Babies and Toddlers
As parents, we want only the very best for our children. We strive to nourish them with healthy foods and shield them from potential dangers in a...
Achieving Acne-Free Skin: The Role of Face Washing in Your Skincare Regimen
You've probably heard it a thousand times: "Wash your face!" But why is this simple act so crucial in your skincare regimen? It's not just about...
Understanding Therapy: A Look at Behavioral Therapy for Addiction and Mental Health
Embarking on the journey to overcome addiction is a complex challenge that permeates every facet of life. To effectively tackle this issue,...
Which Beers Should You Choose if You’re Trying to Cut your Calorie Intake?
In a world where the average beer contains around 150 calories, managing your calorie intake while enjoying your favorite beverages can be a...
10 Tips to Naturally Keep Stress at Bay
Modern life constantly tests our mental resilience. Stress manifests in many ways, whether minor irritations or overwhelming anxiety. Stress is...
How To Increase Testosterone In 1 Month
Have you ever felt tired, unmotivated or just not yourself? Your testosterone levels might be quietly playing a role. In this guide, we'll explore...
Why Moderate Beer Drinking May Be Good for You
Beer unites many people around the world and has been a preferred social beverage for thousands of years. Many types of beers contain about 4% to 6%...
7 Notable Benefits of Drinking Beer Moderately
Among all kinds of alcohol, beer remains a widely consumed and popular beverage worldwide. It contains less alcohol than most hard liquors and has...
Binge Drinking in College: How Could It Be Stopped?
Every year, a concerning issue continues to plague college campuses across the nation: binge drinking. With almost 80% of college students consuming...