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Intoxicating Bangkok

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Intoxicating Bangkok

In the capitol of Thailand, there’s a new kind of temple in town dedicated to matching traditional dishes with beer and food styles more common to points west.

Re-Launch To Mark A New Era for The Beer Connoisseur

Special Announcement

Today I am very excited to announce that The Beer Connoisseur® is entering into a significant financial partnership.

The Influence of Whisky and Wood

Innis & Gunn

Dougal Gunn Sharp calls it an “intervention of fate.”  When up against resistance, most would have missed the opening bell.

German Eisbock, Foreign Stout

Beer Styles:

For some, ice beer means the panoply of mass-produced lagers that gained popularity in both Canada and the United States during the early 1990’s.

The Cannibal

Restaurant Review:

It was the kind of afternoon that makes you crave a beer. Overcast with a chilling wind foreshadowing the approach of winter. I wanted something warming, something beguiling. An escapist drink.

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Charlie Gow
Charlie Gow

Homebrewing is the lifeblood of the American craft beer movement. In fact, there is really no...

Martyn Cornell
Martyn Cornell

By 1839 the Guinness brewery in Dublin had been in operation for 80 years.



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