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Iron Maiden TROOPER

Iron Maiden TROOPER

United Kingdom
Iron Maiden TROOPER by Robinsons Brewery

Taking its name from the Maiden song inspired by Tennyson’s Charge of the Brigade, Trooper is a premium British beer created by Bruce Dickinson and Iron Maiden and handcrafted at Robinsons Brewery. Being a real ale enthusiast, lead vocalist Bruce Dickinson has developed a beer which has true depth of character. Malt flavours and citric notes from a unique blend of Bobec, Goldings and Cascade hops dominate this deep golden ale with a subtle hint of lemon.

Beverage Profile
Bobec, Goldings and Cascade



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Brewery Introduction

After twelve successful years as the landlord of Unicorn, Lower Hillgate, Stockport, William Robinson purchased the inn from Samuel Hole on 29th September 1838. By 1849 William had remarried after the early death of his wife Juliet and moved to Heaton Norris, leaving George, his oldest son to... Read More