• Spring 2018, Issue 35 Has Arrived!
    It’s that time again! The Beer Connoisseur is back with its Spring Issue, and, as always, we have all the...
  • Arches Brewing Celebrates 2nd Anniversary
    Arches Brewing out of Hapeville, Georgia, which specializes in craft lagers at a time when hazy IPAs are...
  • Heavy Seas Blackbeard's Breakfast Returns
    Heavy Seas Beer out of Baltimore, Maryland has announced the return of Blackbeard's Breakfast, a popular...

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Industry & People

Brewers Association Unveils Fastest-Growing Breweries of 2017
The Brewers Association has released a list of the Top 50 Fastest-Growing craft breweries in 2017. Breweries had to have opened before 12/31/2015 in...
Creator of Blue Moon Launches CERIA BEVERAGES
Keith Villa, the creator of fabled Witbier Blue Moon, departed MillerCoors in January after 32 years. Now, the inventive craft brewer is turning his...
Indian Beer Market Set For Strong Growth in 2018
According to BMI Research of Business Monitor International, the beer market in India is set for strong growth in 2018 after years of upticks in beer...

Food & Travel

Ichthyosaur Expedition Returns to Northern Nevada with help of Great Basin Brewing Co.
Sparks, Nevada's Great Basin Brewing Co. has partnered with the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, The National Geographic Society and the...

Beer & Trends

Birdsong Brewing Releases Sunshine Gose
Charlotte, North Carolina's Birdsong Brewing Co. has announced the release of a new Gose beer called Sunshine Gose, which will release at an Earth...


Pat Evans Connoisseur's Corner
Beer is best fresh. There is little debate about this in the craft brewing community. However, some beers can be saved for a longer period of time,...
Founders All Day IPA Sizes
From one bar to the next, there’s little consistency in what a serving of beer might look like. Serving sizes and the vessels they come in can be...


As part of its ongoing partnership with the Surfrider Foundation, Coronado Brewing is proud to announce a joint beach cleanup with Surfrider in...
Mother Earth Brew Co. out of Vista, California has announced plans to distribute its beers to the state of Connecticut. The beers will be brewed in...
Back East Brewing Co. in Bloomfield, Connecticut has released a new pale ale brewed exclusively with barley and hops grown and harvested in the...

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