• Winter Issue 22 Has Arrived!
    We’re here to kick off 2016 with the best of old, new, and splendid golden brews. In our inaugural New Years issue, we have the...
  • How To Charm Snakes, Herd Cats, Sell Beer
    The craft beer industry, generally, is a no bullshit zone – people place a premium on sincerity, and can sniff out BS in a...
  • Music In Your Mouth
    On a beautifully clear spring day with a cool, steady breeze blowing towards me, I head for the entrance of Creature Comforts...

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Rogue Ales Yellow Snow IPA Beer
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Industry & People

Heavy Seas founder Hugh Sisson
Hugh Sisson, founder of Heavy Seas Beer, definitely makes the cut on any list of the most influential American craft beer pioneers. Hugh guided his...
Ralph Steadman
Suddenly, it feels like a seance. I’m staring at the ink-spattered, bug-eyed image of a snarling dog that seems poised to fly out of my computer...
NFL Miami Dolphins Punter Brandon Fields Beer Connoisseur
Brandon Fields may be the National Football League’s number one zythophile. He was drafted in 2007 by the Miami Dolphins, around the same time he...

Food & Travel

One of the big benefits of the global craft beer boom is that it is now possible to go on holiday almost anywhere in the world and find good, locally...

Beer & Trends

Dogfish Inn, Dogfish Head
It’s hard work opening a brewery, and even harder work keeping it open. There are more breweries in the U.S. now than ever before. As of 2015, there...


Style Studies Altbier Specialty Wood Aged Issue 22
Altbier Altbier sounds like a faintly condescending term, such as “alternative rock” or “alternative lifestyle,” with little to no real meaning...
How to Brew Beer, Anchor Brewing Mash Tuns
Malt Brewing begins with raw barley, wheat, oats or rye that has germinated in a malt house. The grain is then dried in a kiln and sometimes roasted...


The times are changing as sure as the seasons, and we’re here to cover both with our new Premium Web Magazine! In our Holiday 2015 issue, we examine...
Legendary Green Flash brewmaster Chuck Silva announced his resignation yesterday after 11 years at the pioneering San Deigo brewery. Silva, and his...
Bell's Brewery announced today that it will ship its beer to Tennessee beginning in early November. Tenessee marks the 23rd state in the brewery's ...

Best-Of Lists

Kinkajou Bottle Cutter
Beer gifts for each of the twelve days of Christmas.
The Walking Dead Beer
Just in time for the Season 6 premiere, we shelter ourselves from the constant barrage of snarling undead and wonder what beers the most notable...
The Beer Connoisseur's Top 20 Beer Cities
The BC Top 20 Beer Cities

Brewery Tours

A tour of Charleston's burgeoning beer scene
Creature Comforts Brewing Company Bar Tropicalia Athena Cosmik Debris
Creature Comforts Brewing Company creates poured art in Athens, Georgia.
Don't Call Me Surly.
What's in a beer and a name?





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