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Enjoy a wide range of editorial topics on cannabis written and submitted by guest contributors that have been approved by The Beer Connoisseur® magazine & online's editorial department.

Beer lovers are interested in more than just beer, and our cannabis guest blogs touch on a plethora of cannabis topics that appeal to the broad interests of our readers.

Cannabis topics covered include cannabis education, cannabis products, CBD, THC, Delta 8, 9, 10, Hemp, cannabis flower, cannabis industry, cannabis news and much more.

All of our cannabis guest blogs have undergone review by our editorial department, often being edited in-depth to ensure a high-quality reading experience.

Explore and enjoy!

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Beer Vs CBG: Is Cannabis Replacing Beer?
The age-old enjoyment of beer at social gatherings has long been a staple in cultures worldwide. Known for its relaxing effects, beer is an alcoholic...
What are THCa Diamonds and How Are They Made?
Discover the incredible potency and purity of THCA diamonds, the crystalline form of concentrated cannabis that offers a unique experience for both...